Gary Sheffield can kiss my ass!!!!

I used to ba fan, but this really chaps my hide. You’re trying to hold the Dodgers over a barrell. For what? Respect??? 9-11 million dollars a year isn’t enough respect??? We traded Piazza for you, asshole!
You could have said something in October, or quietly, during the winter meetings, when we could have traded and gotton value for your worthless ass. But you wait till spring training??? Fuck You, you worthless piece of shit!!! And you’re contract limits the number of teams we can trade you to. Isn’t that special? Yeah, I’m sure the Yankee’s will appreciate you.

I’m looking forward to getting a huge hot dog and loading it up with mustard, ketchup, onions and jalapenos, and I’m gonna through it you!!!

Whew, I feel a little better.
But I’m still pissed!!!

Dittos. And any team stupid enough to trade for this spoiled, worthless piece of shit deserves exactly what they get. Hey, Peter Angelos? I hear that Albert Belle may not be able to play again. You wanna replace him? Here’s your opportunity.

sheffield is a clubhouse cancer and a piece of shit. the word ‘team’ means nothing to him. he waited til now to make the maximum impact. this isnt the first team hes torn apart. fortunately for me, the team hes tearing apart right now is the dodgers. (insert jubilant smirkyface emoticon here) GO GIANTS!!!

I’m almost always on the side of the players in baseball labour disputes, but in this case Sheffield should definitely get “Yashined.” They should refuse a deal or a new contract and tell him to do his job or not get paid. And then sue him for another year of service. Worked for the Ottawa Senators.

Unfortunately, Kevin Malone and the Dodgers have amply demonstrated that they don’t really know what the hell they’re doing anyway.

That said, it might be a fitting fate for Sheffield to be traded to Atlanta. It would be folly to assume the Braves will keep winning every year. In fact, they might fall apart this year.

As I Yankee fan, I certainly hope that von Steingrabber listens to his baseball people again and doesn’t give this shithead the time of day, regardless of what his batting average is. The Yanks’ success in the past five years has owed a lot to avoiding disruptive clubhouse influences like Sheffield. They showed a lot of sense last year in picking up somebody like Justice instead of Juan Gone. A dickwit like Sheffield is someone we do not need. I wouldn’t trade a single player from single-A for him.

The Dodgers will be better off without his ego. Why can’t players learn that teams do better when individual players play nice and support the organization. I agree that it was a nasty thing for him to wait so long before making demands, what a piece of cow manure.

Did you hear that there is a bill in the state senate to require baseball to not play night games in California until the energy crisis is over. This will really hurt Cali teams. Attendance will be down. They also will have a problem with changing the schedules this late. The Athletic are really suppose to do good this year and this might negatively impact that. Hopefully my Angels can make a run for it too, but I won’t hold my breath.

I’m holding out hope that they do this.(spooje is an optimist, constantly disappointed) I would rather they paid him 9 mil to ride the bench for three years, which would pretty much kill his chances at the big money he’s counting on. [sub]like 9 mil is chump change! thank you very much pay-rod[/sub]

Yeah, what an asshole A-Rod is for taking the money he was offered. :rolleyes: Oh well, I’ll take the $4/ticket price increase this year for the pleasure of watching a lineup of Greer-Pudge-ARod-Palmeiro-Gallaraga-Caminiti-Kapler-Velarde-Mateo. Yeah, we got next to no pitching, but it’s going to be fun watching all those 11-9 games. :stuck_out_tongue: And nobody on my team even approaches the dickheadedness of Gary Sheffield!

For what it’s worth, however, Sheffield says he never asked for a trade and that this is all Kevin Malone’s idea. Given Malone’s reputation as a GM, I suspect there’s a distinct possibility Sheffield is correct.

Omigod! Another Angels fan…I’ve felt so alone for such a long time :cool:

As for the Sheffield thing, yeah, it sucks…but I’m too overjoyed watching the Dodgers suffer horrible personnel decisions in light of their general attitude of condescension to their neighbors to the near south to really feel to sorry for the organization.

Besides, with the way Malone has been handling things up there the past few years, I think I would believe Sheffield’s story first, especially in light of the fact that he has actually been a clubhouse leader of late.

Hey Neurotik, nice to hear from an Angels fan. How many games do you get to a season? I have the 21 game mini-plan and really enjoy going to the Big A (I won’t call it Edison Internation Field). If I am not at the game I either watch it on TV or else listen to it via the internet.

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I just hope that Sheffield ends up in the AL. He always kills my Giants. Without him, the Giants will stomp all over the Dodgers even more than they already do. May misfortune continue to rain upon the Dodgers.


Bonds wants new deal soon or a trade

Whatever. Barry’s grouchiness almost makes me GLAD he wants to leave. He’ll probably stick around for one more year then go to some shitty third-place team that’s willing to pay an outrageous salary for his name. He’s just bitter that his own teammate beat him out for the MVP last year.


Well, I go to school out in DC, so my ability to go to games is limited, plus I work at night and on Saturdays a lot, so that is cutting in, as well.

However, I do manage to make it to a game or two out here when the Angels come out to Camden Yards, and the last three years, I think I’ve averaged about 10 games out at Anaheim Stadium (I refuse to call it Edison, too).

Before I came to college I used to make it to 20 or so. Thank God for 4 dollar seats behind the bullpens :slight_smile:

I watch them on TV whenever I can, and the radio, too. I also use to follow the game as a last resort.

You wouldn’t believe how much crap I take out here when I wear my Angels cap (the one with the CA logo, not the new one with wings).


Hey, hey, hey! That’s not the dickhead we were discussing. We’ll get to him later.

Sombody is telling lies in Dodgertown. I’m guessing it’s Sheff and not Malone. If it’s Malone, it makes no sense whatsoever.(why would you say a guy demanded a trade that did not demand a trade? how would that benefit you?) Now Devon White wants a trade too. Devo wore out his welcome 2 years ago, but it’s doubtful we’ll find anyone dumb enough to take him.
Neurotik and deb2world! I, too, am an Angel fan! I’m 10 minutes from Dodger Satdium and an hour from Edison Intl.(which is a much nicer stadium). In a couple of months, I’m moving closer to work. I’ll be just about dead center between the 2 stadiums! Woohoo!!!

And Minty, A-rod is an asshole. And Texas is going down in flames!!! Bwahahahahahaah!!!::cough, cough:: Excuse me, Don’t know what came over me.

THREE ANGELS FANS!!! I’m in heaven :smiley:

Of course, one might ask how giving Dreifort as much money as Malone did would help him, but that didn’t stop Malone from doing it. It’s probably the same logic that led Disney to not offer Finley another contract and to sign Rapp. The people in the front office of SoCal ballclubs are brain-dead. :frowning:

By the by, I’m going to laugh hysterically when ARod goes down with an injury by August.

Don’t even get me started on Dreifort!:smiley:

Say hello to fourth place, Angels fans. It should be pretty familiar to you by now. My Rangers don’t have pitching, but you guys got nothing. :stuck_out_tongue:

spooje nice to see a third Angels fan here. I am sooo looking forward to the season starting. I have already ordered tickets. Hey spooje and Neurotic e-mail me and maybe we can go to a game as a group.