Gas (a medical question)

OK I’ve had it. I know flatulance is a funny situation but my problem isn’t.

I have tried charcol caps, Gas X, Beano, lactaid and NOTHING WORKS.

I went to my doctor who said it is normal to pass gas. She doesn’t seem to realize how much it is.

I read on the net 20 times a day is normal. I’m going on 20 times and hour. I just recently went on a two day water fast. Nothing but water. Still gassy.

It doesn’t matter what I eat or don’t. It doesn’t smell so that’s a blessing but it is uncomfortable somewhat. I never had this problem till about 6 months ago.

Could this be the start of something serious that my doctor is just telling me to ignore.

Im not a doctor, but do you chew alot of gum? Think of anything you do that causes you to swallow alot of air, cuz i mean 20 times an hour is excessive.

Sounds like aerophagia to me. Does the flatus stop after you fall asleep and only start a while after you wake up? What is the relationship of the frequency of flatus to (1) eating, (2) bowel movements, (3) eructation (burping) (4) nervousness/anxiety?

There just happens to be a recent article in Salon on this very subject:

Dr. Fart speaks: Everything you want to know about flatulence, and some things you don’t.

But where were the Spiders?

1)Hang in there these things tend to settle of their own accord.
2)The most common reason for passing gas is considered to be … swallowing gas. People tend to swallow more air(aerophagy) if they’re nervous, hungry or talking whilst eating.
3)I was taught that it is impossible to swallow air whilst holding a pencil sideways between the teeth. I haven’t actually tested this theory. You are welcome to try it.
4)Although the amount of gas produced in the large bowel by enteric organisms is not usually considered to make a large contribution, you could decrease this by avoiding a diet full of cellulose vegetable matter, such as celery. A low fibre diet, in other words. You might say that your water fast was very low fibre but you were probably so hungry during it that you swallowed more air.
5) Other sensible dietary measures would include avoiding fizzy drinks and if this advice was being written by my Mother, she would tell you to avoid raw apples (I can’t guarantee that last piece of advice).

Good luck!

P.S. For medicolegal reasons I should add that a low fibre diet has been linked to bowel cancer. Don’t get stressed about it, that sort of thing isn’t going to happen overnight. :slight_smile:

One I learned. don’t take medical advice from the net. Not that some of it isn’t useful.

Try a protologist or a urologist. Worth the money if you get the right one.

A while back I needed stitches for a cut on my head. Bobbed when I should have
weaved.At that time of day the only Dr available was an internal medicine DR. As I was
sitting in his waiting room I picked up a book Titled “ Fart that Fart.” It looked like a kids
book but I thought it was a Joke book. I was wrong. It was a book for kids explaining the
digestive system. The point it made was ,it is a natural occurance to pass gas. If you don’t
do it you could get sick. The book ends with the statement “So Fart that Fart”
If you are really concerned Get another opinion

Just thought it’d be kinda neat to have my name on this post… :slight_smile:
But seriously, I had a similar problem a month or two ago…very annoying and at times uncomfortable. I took a bottle of Mag Citrate to ‘purge’ myself, which didn’t seem to do much to help. But I then quit taking herbal supplements and my symptoms disappeared. Coincidence? I’m not sure but I haven’t had problems since…least no more than anyone else.

Try cutting back on dairy products for a couple of days and see if that helps.

Farting 20 times an hour seems excessive – and you might think there’s no, um, fragrance, but …