Gas Prices are Dropping! Woohooo!

I paid $1.87 this morning. That’s down from $1.99 a few weeks ago.


The “terrorism” premium (basically uncertainty in the market due to instability in the Mideast) on a barrel of oil is dropping, and production is rising. These things are helping gas prices.

I filled up my tank for $1.65/gal about a week ago, and the next day the price jumped to $1.79. I hope it falls again soon - I only have half a tank left.

I live in NYC and dont’ even own a car. :slight_smile:

Compared to what? Last year at this time prices around SW Michigan averaged about $1.40 USD per gallon. It still seems rather high to me.

Right now in Las Vegas, the gas prices have dropped to an average 2.13/gallon from and average of 2.29/gallon last month. Last year at this time the average was 1.73/gallon. The last time I bought gas (Sunday) it was 2.07, but the price varies all over town.

How the hell are you going to flee when the polar ice caps melt and come rushing your way? :eek:

The prices will settle down and be 25-35 cents higher than they were. They just pushed the prices up so high so we would be glad to pay that increase.

I’m going to regret asking this but…

Who is “they?”


The oil companies of course. Follow the money.

Well by train of course.

You think they could have done this earlier, Reeder, if they’re so all-powerful as you think. But gas in my neighborhood was at 79 cents a gallon three years ago.

I think the tinfoil around your head is getting a little tight.

The whole damn world is coming out of an economic recession right now, which is driving up demand for oil. Coincidentally, there’s a big honkin’ war in the Mideast. I think this has far more to do with gas prices than your interesting theory.

There’s also an increased demand in China, and OPEC cutting back production.