Gas stove recommendations please.

We currently have an electric glasstop stove that came with the house. I’m guessing that it’s about 5 years old. It works perfectly fine but I really hate keeping the top clean and I like the better heat control that gas provides. Or at least I think I will. I’ve never had a gas stove. Fortunately, the house is setup for electric or gas.

Other than color, what features should I be looking for? There seems to be a pretty good range of prices but I’m not sure what differentiates them. The hole is a standard 30”.

I’ve found a variety of different shaped burners to be nice.

Ours has power boil and steam clean.

Power boil really brings the heat—if you have a big pot, this puts a big flame under it. Yep, grab a wood or metal utensil that was hanging over the side for awhile and you can tell…heat climbs the side of the pan.

Steam clean means you pour water in the bottom of the oven portion and let it go.

We haven’t had it that long or baked much to where we need to do that…but it’s available. IIRC a lot of self cleaning ovens drive the temp up to scary levels.

Ours also has a “griddle,” which I think isn’t all that. If you’re a pancake aficianado great, whip up a bunch, but a lot of food seems to leap out of the skillet and under this.

Hate to say this, but smooth glass top stoves are much easier to clean than gas burners. Some Weimans cleaner and a razor blade, and you can keep it looking new.

That said, an electric kitchen was a disqualification when I was looking to buy a house.

Speaking of cleaning, I don’t understand the physics, but cooking on gas seems to send more grease all over the kitchen.

You definitely want a quick boil / turbo / whatever power burner, and a sure / safe simmer burner is also useful. The lowest setting on my stove’s power burner will still boil stuff. And once you’ve had a convection oven, you’ll never go back.

Mine came with a griddle. In over three years, I have never used it.

We have a 6 burner convection oven by Samsung. The 2 middle burners are for an included griddle and it works great. There is also a low flame warming/slow cook burner.

The convection feature not only cooks food faster but also more evenly. You can do some limited air frying with it as well. It’s a $1200 stove and I was able to pick one up at Best Buy for $700.

We are really happy with it and recommend it.

How do you know how to set time and temps on a convection oven when almost all recipes are for conventional ovens?

Is that a Flex-duo? I’m curious about those, since I live alone and don’t always need the whole oven. Do you like it, how well does it work, etc.

We recently remodeled our kitchen. The dishwasher and stove are made by Bosch and so far they’ve been great. The oven has a plate warming drawer. At first I thought it was a waste, but I have grown to love serving food on a warmed plate.

We bought this range from Samsung about six months ago, and have been very happy with it. Different size burners for different jobs, a long middle burner for larger pots or a griddle, and self-cleaning.

THat is the almost the exact range we bought a couple years ago, with convection bake and roast. Im getting a lot of use on the middle burner too fits my griddle pan perfectly. My last stove was a kitchen aid that I loved to death and it looked like death too when i got rid of it. But I kept the iron grates to use as plant stands. I vowed to keep this new one shiny as long as possible and it still is!

AFAIK, almost all consumer ranges with a convection feature will auto-convert the temp for you.

That’s mine too!

My one little complaint - inevitably, one of the tiny little rubber feet on the grates goes bye-bye and the result is that the surface is no longer perfectly level when you place a flat pan on it. Minor, but *really *annoying for us OCD types.

I recently bought this Samsung dual fuel model. Gas range and electric convection oven that can be split into two. The power burner is awesome - I almost set a wooden spoon on fire. My old stove was a basic model that came with the house and had a very spotty oven. This one is great, but I’m having to relearn how to bake. Things are done wicked fast in it. I just baked an applesauce spice cake tonight and it’s very tasty.