GASP! I think "Joey" is improving!

Ok. Ok. I gave it a shot. About three or four episodes in, I was ready to dump it off my DVR subscribe list. It was pretty much a cliche family sitcom. And a bad one at that. All of the plots were about Joey dealing with his sister and nephew.
And the chemistry between them was mediocre at best.

Look, every Joey is a dumb Italian stereotype joke has been explored in the 10 years of Friends.

Heck, the only decent character was the stereotypical, wacky neighbor.

Like I said, it would be gone. But my wife wanted to keep it.

So it stayed.

But I must say, the last few episodes have shown an improvement. Largely because the writers finally realized that Joey’s career is the way to go with the show. He has gone on auditions, interacted with another actor who tries to get his work (hopefully a recurring guest star, Bob Odenkirk) and even judged a beauty pageant in Vegas (I swear it was the same set as Friends Vegas Episode).

I think the show can be salvaged. I think the chemistry between the co-stars is growing (it was BAD) and that Joey as an actor in LA has limitless possibilities.

Make it a comedy/parody of showbiz life. There are at least 3 or 4 seasons worth of material in that.

Rumor has it, that the producers are considering adding another Tribbiani sister to the cast. BIG MISTAKE.

If they need to add a character, have Gunther (who played Bryce from All My Children) move out to LA to try to get back in the game.

I’ve enjoyed the show thus far, though I agree the new episodes are better. I never had high expectations for the show, so that may be why I’ve found them to be fairly humerous. At the least, it’s better than most of the other sitcom crap on TV.

I found myself laughing out loud last night when we watched the most recent episode. Probably people who know Bob Saget from “Full House” thought his appearance was funny, but I remember watching him do stand-up, and his act was exceedingly blue. (“No, I love my parents, and you can too for $19.95.” “I just got married. Yeah, I’m nuts over her. (Holds hand at thigh-level.) She’s this tall.”)


I dunno. I watch it and am not hating it, but I felt last weeks was the worst of the bunch. Predictable at every turn.

I haven’t seen the show at all, however something occurs to me. Are you sure the show is actually improving, or could it be that you only perceive it that way because it’s gradually turning your brain into potato salad? Given the state of TV in general, it’s hard to believe Joey alone could that to you, but I throw it out for whatever it’s worth. If you decide to continue watching, good luck … and God bless!

And his line from the movie Half Baked:

"You ever suck DICK for some marijuana?

Possible. Possible.


Yeah. Let me clarify here.

It isn’t approaching Seinfeldian levels here. It isn’t worthy of being the comedy anchor of Must See TV.

But the quality of late has been on par with the 9:30/8:30 central offerings of stronger Must See TV eras.

You know? Adequately funny.

Maybe a Just Shoot Me quality.

[nitpick] I think that he was berating Dave Chappell’s character for his marijuana addiction and said:

"You ever suck DICK for some coke?

Classic unexpected moment.[/nitpick]
As for the OP, it does seem like it’s getting better, and I wouldn’t be suprised if part way through the next season (if there is a next season) it becomes appointment TV. This has been a show I’ve been hoping would be good. It almost is.

He was berating Chapelle’s MJ habit. That is why he asked if Chappelle had ever sucked dick for marijuana. He was implying that he had sucked dick for coke.

Ooh. Here is the quote from IMDb!

“Cocaine Addict: Marijuana is not a drug. I used to suck dick for coke. Now that’s an addiction. You ever suck some dick for marijuana?”