GaspodE vs. GaspodA is this the same person?

I noticed a ‘Gaspoda’ responding to a number of posts in GQ by copying a previous post and then adding ‘putz’. Then a similiar name ‘Gaspode’ was answering other questions, but not with the obligatory copying nor the putz. Is this just one person, or two with coincidental names?

::::::Anti KNOWING that Gaspoda will most likely answer by copying this and adding ‘putz’!::::::::::: :wink:

This pit thread should answer your question.

Thanks for the quick response and your link, yojimbo, it DID indeed, answer the question!

Also, for the umpteenth time:
When you spot a troll, or think you do, please inform your local Mod per e-mail. Do not start message board threads for this purpose, as they tend to stroke the trolls ego. The true Idiot[sup]TM[/sup] will settle for any attention. Don’t give them the satisfaction. Mail-a-Mod.

On that note, this one’s locked.