Gator Nation Domination


Back to Back Basketball championships sandwiching a football championship. AND we destroyed the Buckeyes the last two times. I smell the birth of a rivalry.

What a rush!

As usual, after the game the student body charged University Avenue. As usual people climbed on to roofs (except for the roofs the police had already climbed on to to monitor the festivities. As usual we managed to do surprisingly little damage while nearly rioting in the streets. The sheer number of crazy people in the streets is just awesome, and the scene out there can’t be done justice by watching a news report of us partying out there on University. Everybody is always surprised that no group of revelers flips or burns a car or does any major vandalism (ok, I think somebody burned a couple of sofas during the football championship), we’re just damn happy to be champions (again!)

A grudging congrats. See ya’ in Gainesville Sept. 29th! :smiley:

Winning both football and basketball in the same year, VERY impressive. I found myself rooting for the Gators, just to have to opportunity to do that.

That said, did Noah really do the “no one gave us any respect” card after the game? Weren’t they the #1 overall seed and Vegas had them as the best odds to win it all?

Well, as I mentioned, they kicked my beloved Bruins’ ass. But, by virtue of the their victory, I took second place in my first March Madness pool ever. I actually gave up after UCLA’s defeat, but I had some vague idea that if Florida beat Ohio, I might be in the money. So, cheers for Florida and thank God all those assholes are entering the NBA draft and UCLA will be BACK with Kevin Love next year.

Keep on hatin’!


It’s nice to win the trifecta, a feat which will likely never be matched.

Viva SEC!

Even better news: Billy Donovan has declined any Bluegrass advances.

After seven years in Gainesville and two degrees from UF, I have to echo the chants of


I’m sure there’s a good play on words here. Something like “a bird in the hand is worth two from the bush.”

But I can’t find it.

Color me impressed. Given UCF’s struggles in every sport that matters, it’s nice to have a local-ish team that can compete with anyone.

And Noah was referring to the talking heads and talk-radio fans not giving them any respect. Outside the SEC belt, most people weren’t talking all that much about them.

Booooooooo! Boooooooo! Go Seminoles!

I for one, prefer the Gators. If the Seminoles were the more athletically inclined, instead of drinking GatorAid, we’d Be drinking SeminolFluid.

Anybody that crushes Ohio State’s dreams (twice!) is OK in my book.

Aside from that, that Noah dude seems like a douche.

If people weren’t talking about Florida, I’d say it’s because Florida was the obvious favorite going into the tournament. When the brackets were announced, someone on ESPN said “the selection committee is basically daring us not to pick Florida.”

I agree about the Ohio State-crushing thing. :slight_smile:

Did you attend FSU? Because I have a very accurate stereotype of people who support FSU without having attended the school. If you did attend FSU, go do something noteworthy. And try to do it with decent human beings instead of criminals.

Haven’t the Gators had two football players arrested in separate criminal incidents within the last 72 hours? Glass houses and alla that…

Let’s see who they are and how they handle it. It’s usually the differentiator.

They are:


They’ll handle it according to their lawyer’s advice, would be my guess.

Dad went to FSU; Dad is not a criminal. It’s a matter of family pride.