Gauging interest: mini-Chi-Dope?

I’m thinking an informal gathering at NEO in Chicago, say, Friday the 10th, starting at around 11pm or so, going til the cows come home, or you turn into a pumpkin, whichever comes first.

I’ll wear something distinctive so I’m easy to find, but I’m groggy from last night’s celebrations so I’ll figure it out and post it later. :stuck_out_tongue: In any case, I’m pretty easy to find anyway, either tearing up the dance floor or people-watching along the left wall (as you enter).
Venue info:

Gothic/Industrial nightclub. 21 and over, $5 cover, good, decently-priced drinks (rum & coke, $4.75, Long Island iced tea $6, no idea about beer, not my thing, please tip your bartender…) If the sub-culture is not something you regularly partake of, you’re still welcome to come, just Please Be Nice to the Natives.

Located: 2350 N. Clark, just south of Fullerton. Accessible by Lake Shore Drive (parking is competitive but generally findable within 10-15 mins), or CTA red/brown lines (get off at Fullerton, walk about 5 blocks east). Next to the Ritz Camera and Urban Outfitters on the corner, down the alleyway. Can’t find it, look up, it has a big neon sign above the alley.

Small cozy space. Things are just starting to pick up and go by 11pm. Lots of regulars: everyone knows everyone else. We’re very friendly and only bite when asked nicely. :wink: But honestly, I’ve been harrassed and annoyed far less by goths than at any other club I’ve been to. Ventilation is fantastic, so if you hate the smoky-bar thing as I do, you’ll still be fine.

Dress: wear black at a minimum, but if you want to get more dramatic, anything from fetish to cyberpunk to Victorian goes. Leather, lace, PVC, fishnet, tight pants/dresses, you get the idea.

If anyone wants any sub-culture tips n tricks, feel free to ask. Also, please post here if you’re coming. I’ll more than likely be there regardless, but if no one wants to bother, I may well find something else to do.