Lansing Mini DopeFest

OK, we talked about it, so here’s the announcement:

Bunnygirl and I are announcing the Lansing MI mini dopefest, to be held next week on Wednesday, November 1. Since this is short notice, and we don’t have time to find a hotel with a rude staff like the ChiDopers did, we’re willing to settle for lunch at Bangkok House restaurant. Anyone located close to the campus of MSU that needs a ride, give me a yell, and I’ll try to remember to put enough seats back into the Coder-mobile (aka my minivan). The rest of you, we’ll see you there at noon!

Hey you guys! this is important! I’d like to meet some more of our Board folks.

Wring, where are you?

I never make plans in advance, because I don’t own a car, but pencil me in for this one. I’ll see what I can scare up.

RalfCoder, I got your e-mail & though I would love to attend I don’t exactly live in the Lansing area. I live in Farmington Hills (about 45 minutes w/good traffic). I work in Southfield (an hour w/good traffic) & my boss is not the kind of guy to look kindly on a 3 hour lunch.

If you guys meet again on a weekend, I’d love to show.

Bunnygirl: I e-mailed Persephone, little*bit, and SNenc directly with a note about this. Wring hid her address from us, so I’m hoping she sees this and responds. Persephone says she might be able to make it, but isn’t sure. She wants to bring Xploder with her - another face to put with a name! SNenc hasn’t responded.

Pink: glad to see more Lansingites come out of the woodwork! Remember the offer of a ride. The restaurant is just a block or 2 north of the Farmer’s Market, near Oldsmobile Park, if that helps.

little*bit: I knew you were in MI, and I hoped you were close enough to attend. Maybe we can do this again some time on a weekend?

I live in Michigan too. However, it would take me 2+ hours to drive to Lansing, which is a little farther than I would care to drive just for lunch.

However, to echo little*bit, if you want to do something a little more substantial on a weekend (dinner and drinks, not what some of you are thinking, ya perverts), I may be able to drag myself to it.

I have to echo Shadowfox and little*bit. AA’s quite a drive, and not possible on a weekday at lunch. Perhaps on the weekend, though… I’d love to meet the person for whom I served as bridesman.

Of course, this assumes that anyone near MSU could stand to be near an Ann Arbor-ite, especially after last weekend… <EG>


Did something happen last weekend? :smiley:

Sorry - my e-mail’s been down and the guy (Da Man) was working at my computer all afternoon. Still don’t have capability to e-mail out (interesting, eh?) but we ** were ** able to retrieve the 59 messages that have been collecting since last Thursday (and this is ** after ** I let everyone know to not e-mail me :rolleyes: )

Anyhow, have put “lunch” on my calendar for next Wednesday. I’m probably more flexible than others (and closer to Bankok, too), so how bout if I plan to get there early and reserve large table? need accurate count by Wednesday am, let me know when you want to meet there, I’ll plan to be there 15 min. early and hold a sign. OK?
Directions to Bangkok: (from anywhere in the Lansing area). the restaurant is at the **] Southwest ** corner of Saginaw hwy. and Cedar Street. The other corners are:

Southeast =HUGE Quality Dairy store
Northeast= Burger King
Northwest= restaurant called Bonnies Place.

The lot for this restaurant can be accessed ** either ** by Saginaw (turn in just AFTER the video store entrance, if you miss it don’t worry, just turn onto Cedar) or Cedar street (1st driveway past Saginaw Street)

From West: take I96 to Saginaw East. Proceed until you get to Cedar street (about 5 miles east of the Mall, past Capitol Ave, LCC, JUST past Riverfront Park).

From East: Take 69 west to “East Lansing” exit. You’ll then be on Grand River. Keep on that about 10 miles, you’ll pass Frandor etc. after you go UNDER a railroad bridge turn left at Cedar (there’s an Arby’s at that corner). Next light is Saginaw, you should be in the r/h lane. enter parking lot right after Saginaw street.

Those directions should be enough to get folks here from various places. If you need more instructions, you can post here and I’ll try to help.

and ** little*bit**? Farmington Hills? my baby brother lives there - you must know him - he’s the one who drives a Lexus, his wife drives a mini van? (:D)

I wish I still lived in East Lansing, I’d love to meet some of the other folks on the board. Never have met any other Dopers at all. Anybody live in/near Topeka, Kansas?

So how many are coming???

I count so far:

Maybes from pink and Persephone…

wring, add Persephone to the list as a strong possibility. She and I have talked offline, and she hopes to make it. Who knows, maybe she’ll even grace this thread with her presence to confirm that! The rest of you - see you Wednesday!

Your wish is my command, ralfcoder!

(grace this thread with my presence? geez…I’m not that special!)

Anyway, yes, I’ll be there! I haven’t talked to xploder yet–he’s down with a nasty sinus infection, so I’ll give him a ring this afternoon.

ralfcoder sent me excellent directions, so even if xploder can’t make it (he’d probably insist on driving if both of us go–he’s that way), and if I can get my damn car fixed, even a “directionally challenged” person such as myself should be able to find it.

I’m looking forward to this! I soooo love Dopefests!

wring: Hold up a sign? Cool! Very Doper-ish. I personally prefer propeller beanies, but hey, that’s just me. :smiley:

will add Persephone. (if I can find my tiara, I’ll wear that).

what time? they start really filling up at noon - if people are set at a 12 -1 lunch hour, I’ll just bring a book or something so we’ll have a table.

4 confirmed, right??? should I go for a bigger table just in case there’s more???

my e-mail is still on the fritz. Computer guy was here for 2 hours on Monday, came back on Thursday with a new computer, swapped it out, set it up, same gig. arghhghghghhgh! We’re now setting up an electrician call on Tuedays am hopefully will take care of whatever the hell is going on.

anyhow. if having my work phone number would help, let me know…

If this damned sinus infection ever clears up, I’ll drive down and bring Persephone with me. I tried to call her back to let her know but, as usual, she didn’t answer her phone and it’s pointless to leave a message as she never listens to them, so I’ll try again in a few.

Hope to meet y’all there!

xploder - looking forward to it!

wring - you can e-mail your phone # to me via the link below. And I gotta see this tiara! Shall we call you Princess Wring? The count looks like 5 to me, if xploder makes it. I say grab a bigger table, and we’ll leave a bigger tip if we have to.

bunnygirl - sorry I had to cancel lunch today. My son is sick, and I’m home playing Mr. Mom. Want to try the same plan on Monday?

Any typos in this message are the fault of the kitten who insists on walking on my keyboard. Now she’s sitting on the answering machine, triggering the message playback. She 's wo
ndering where that voice is coming from.

(“I am not!!” - signed, Mitzi the cat)

Ralfcoder - would really, really love to e-mail you my phone number, but (ahem) I can’t e-mail out (systems gone nuts for the past week or so). I’ll try to get a friend to do so. thanks.

good luck with sick child.

see ya there (Princess Wring? I could get used to that!)

** Ralf ** had my friend e-mail ya with my work phone number. I’m there frequently. and if not either the answering machine is on or one of my two part time staff can take a message…

<Homer>Doh!</Homer> I knew that.

Ralf Jr. is resting comfortably. He woke up running a bit of a fever, so we kept him home from school today. He feels fine, he says, and he’s a little bored, but I said this way he can rest and be ready to go for Halloween. That put it in perspective for him.

Ralf, missed lunch with you but I understand. Actually, I just found out that my estimates for my paycheck on my last job weren’t as rosy as I had painted them to be so…I’m saving my lunch money for the SDMB Thai Feast on Wednesday. I kept thinking that I was getting a full paycheck from my last job and I got a quarter of what I usually get. Whoops! Wrong figure for the budget!

I don’t paid until the 17th here. Doesn’t that suck?! Oh well, thank heavens for savings accounts!

Glad Junior is feeling better.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and I’m looking forward to Wednesday!