Any interest in a central Michigan Dopefest? August 18 or 20

I’ll be taking a nostalgia tour of the greater Lansing area (mostly East Lansing, probably) because I’ll be attending my…cough…30th high school reunion. Thought it would be nice to get together with any local Dopers.

Current plans: I’ll be in town from Friday, August 18-Sunday. August 19 (possibly even till Monday a.m.) Reunion activities are Saturday afternoon and evening, so except for that, my scheduling is very flexible. I’ll be staying near the campus/downtown East Lansing so that I can walk most of the places I want to wax nostalgic about.

I’m hoping to eat at El Azteco at least a couple times, so that would be an ideal place to meet, but I’m game to try just about anywhere else. I haven’t been back in a couple years, so I have no clue what else might work. No idea if there are any other events/concerts/etc. happening that weekend. Feel free to make a suggestion.


I’m in Grand Rapids and would be down for a MI dopefest.


An actual Michigan Dopefest?

Nope…can’t make it.

Heh. Just fuckin’ with ya. I’m down, provided life stays as planned.

Your timing is good. I believe one week later, and you’d be smack in the middle of all the students coming back to campus. At any rate, I can check around and see if there are any local events that weekend.

I might be able to attend. Keep us posted.

Cool…some actual interest!

Thanks for the info on the start of the semester and for looking for events, Heller Highwater. I’m sure it’s lots easier if you’re actually there. I looked around a bit online and found I was pretty clueless about where to look.

LOUNE, your presence is required, so none of this “if life stays as planned” stuff. :smiley:

soul radiation and lavenderviolet, any other ideas about where to eat, what to do?

Anyone else?


My sister lives in Lansing, I’ll ask her if knows of any place. If nothing else, Grand Rapids is right down the road and I know many great places here.

Did you have any particular types of places in mind? I might be able to recommend something. Oh, and I should probably mention: count me in.

Hee…I was kinda hoping your posts to the thread meant you were in Heller. :slight_smile:

Don’t really have anything specific in mind. I have pretty eclectic tastes and interests. I figure anything not-too-lound (since part of the fun of hanging out with Dopers is actually being able to talk) and relatively smoke-free will do.

Are there any festivals nearby? Any interesting exhibits? Any interesting concerts? Don’t know what others’ budgets are like; pretty much anything but hip-hop works for me. Also, if you want to suggest someplace other than El Az to meet, I’m fine with that (I’ll be going there anyway).

Don’t really want to do anything that requires too much driving since I’ll already have driven in from Columbus.

The list so far:
soul radiation
lavenderviolet (maybe)
Heller Highwater

Anyone else out there?


I’m going to be one of the students moving back in the next week, so I might be able to make it down. Put me in the “maybe” column.

Let meeeeeeeee bump this back up to the top.

Any additional people coming?
And plans finalized? Has the date been nailed down?

Am I asking too many questions?

(also, gt, from Columbus to Lansing? Yeesh, be glad I’m not a rabid U of M fan, or else I’d see this as some sort of conspiracy)

You’ll be happy to know I have 2 degrees from MSU AND went to school at OSU as well. :smiley: (Lucky I don’t really take sports seriously.)

As for the date: What works best for everyone? Friday or Sunday? Also depends on what Heller Highwater comes up with.

I’ll add you to the list next time I do the tally, TheOnlySaneOne. Hope you can make it. Do you have any suggestions on stuff to do or where to meet?


I don’t believe the exact date will make a difference to me. Either way, I’ll form my schedule to fit.

Any more people to add? This all weve got?
(the end of your shameless bump)

I just made my reservations and plan to arrive in the E. Lansing area by early afternoon on Friday, August 18. Had a hard time getting a place in E. Lansing itself, but haven’t figured out why the hotels were booked, other than it isn’t because of a football game. I’ve got a reservation in Okemos right near the highway exit that I use, but will continue to look for something a bit closer.

Any other local Dopers out there?

Here’s a proposal - feel free to propose something else, I’m suggesting a couple places I know, but I’m not really sure how they’d work for a group:

Friday, August 19, dinner, El Azteco on Ann St (5:30? 6:00? I don’t remember if they take reservations)

Friday, August 19, something else entertaining: concert, low to non-smokey bar, other event.

If anyone’s interested, I’d be up for a brunch on Sunday or something early Sunday afternoon. I’ve had breakfast before at Beggar’s Banquet - not sure what everyone’s budget looks like though. Also, it’s not really large, so a group might have to wait for seats. Again, any other suggestions are welcome. I’m planning to leave E.L. by 4:00 p.m. or so on Sunday.


I’m gonna have a Yooper dopefest someday. I’ll sit by the lake, eating a pasty by myself, and toast all youse guys.

[ / Homer drool ] Pasties mmmmmm

If it’s in the summer you might get some displaced yoopers up on vacation.

Or even give them an excuse to return to the motherland.

Heck, Athena, I’ve only been to da UP once, and I might show up if you had a Dopefest. I’ve always wanted an excuse to go back as a grown-up and visit. (Do I count as an honorary Yooper because my great aunt lived up there for ages and ages?)


Well heck. We can have a Yooperdopefest whenever anyone wants to make the drive. I just never dreamed anyone would really want to come all this way!

I’m slightly confused…Friday is the 18th. Did you mean Saturday in one/both of those dates, or…? :confused:

I also talked to El Az, and unfortunately they don’t take reservations. I’m still trying to find events…that particular weekend is sort of in a lull. The Great Lakes Folk Festival is the weekend before, and the students return the next week. If I can find anything, I’ll give this thread a bump.

You read it right, sorry for the confusion. I said either Friday or Sunday because the reunion I’m attending is on Saturday, so I’ll be hanging out with old high school friends that night.

I figure if nothing else, we can go somewhere else after dinner, bar, ice cream, some other option I’m not thinking of… Or we can just have a longer dinner. I’m good with just playing it by ear. Thanks for checking things out.