Gay and AIDS are not synonyms, dammit!

In this thread, Scott Evil was seeking some advice on his love life, yet all some posters could focus on was his sexuality and HIV. One clueless pile of bantha drool even wrote, “Ever think about AIDS?.”


Yes, gay men think about AIDS. Yes, we think about safe sex. Do not clutter up sensible discussions with your dumbass “revelations.” Not all gay men sleep around, and the ones who do, usually do so with their eyes open and their rubbers on. Sure, there are some people who bareback, but they are short-sighted, self-destructive losers as emblematic of gay folk as Heidi Fleiss is of straight folk.

HIV is a virus, a bit of RNA that needs to use living cells as factories to make more copies of itself. It doesn’t ask if its host is straight, bi, or gay.

Not all gay men practice anal sex. If you were to sample the gay guys here, I think most of them can take it or leave it, judging from past discussions. Sex is as much a matter of the intellect and the heart as it is of the naughty bits. Some of you would be amazed what can be done with touching the skin alone.

Some of the hetero posters remind me of a Chick comic: "Ever hear of AIDS? “No, what’s that?” “It’s a fatal disease that is caused by having sex with men!” “Save me, Jebus!”

So please, save me some tsuris and stop dragging HIV into every frellin’ discussion that is even tangentially related to gayness.