Gay Strike

Fuck CA voters. I think it’s time for gay people to go on strike til they get equal rights. Just let me know first so I can get a haircut.

Look at this map. Then go here and look at their map. The places that voted to take away the rights of gay people don’t have too many gay couples and, I assume, not too many gay people in general. So a strike would disproportionately affect the areas that voted against the gay marriage ban.

Wasn’t John Stamos in a movie about this?

Tyranny of the majority rides again!

I would, but A) my office is ridiculously pro-gay rights, so I’d be punishing them unfairly, and B) I still gotta eat, dude.

There was something written many years ago about what the world would be like if all the gays suddenly vanished. I think it was written around the early years of the AIDS crisis, when it seemed like a very real possibility. Fortunately many of us are still here.

The homophobes would love nothing more than for all of us to disappear, and the truth is that their miserable little lives would go on without really missing us.

They just don’t know. Who would direct all the church choirs, or talk with the old ladies at church and remark on what they are wearing, or buy the ugly house down the street and fix up the yard, or open up the B&B in the failing town?

My mother’s Episcopal Church got an openly gay priest. Several families left and many more were unhappy but stayed out of inertia. Now they couldn’t be happier. Membership is up, the church looks nice, and the priest and his partner know the names of everyone’s kids and grandchildren.

Who is John Gaylt?

Oh, wonderful. Everyone that doesn’t vote your way is obviously a ‘homophobe’.

First of all, gays CAN and DO marry every day. Go out form your own church, get ordained over the internet, find a progressive church some where and get married in the eyes of God. Hell, I stood up with my sister when she married her girlfriend!

What the vote was about was extending certain state rights to same sex couples that are granted to heterosexual married couples.

I am not making an argument one way or the other but lets keep the real question honest.

Pesse (marriage was around a looong time before dependent health insurance was invented.) Mist

Being married in the eyes of some god isn’t any help in the real world. Being married in the eyes of the state is all that counts. Allowing the majority to strip basic human rights from a minority like this is glorified mob rule.

In the days of Jim Crow black people could and did eat every day at restaurants, so long as they went in through the kitchen and ate in the alley behind the place.

Please don’t put words in my mouth; there are enough there already. When I referred to homophobes, I was actually referring to homophobes.

Such as people who support and vote for restricting the basic human rights of homosexuals. So hey, you’re both right!

A gay friend told me that everyone who voted for Prop. 8 is secretly gay.

I think she’s on to something.

Having seen some of them . . . I hope not.

1 not much consolation if you don’t believe in god

2 in california the vote was to take away rights that some people already had

So how does that really work? Will the State have to provide un-marriage licences? Forceable divorce - what? Annullment on the grounds of …?