Gays/Lesbians do you dance at straight wedding receptions?

Or do you avoid it? If so do you get any grief? Just wondering.

Yes I dance. Five of them so far that I’ve danced with my partner at. I’ve never had a bad word said to me at a wedding.

I’m not gay, but why wouldn’t you? I assume once you get invited, you can dance with whoever likes to dance with you.

Of course. If they have invited both of us as a couple, why shouldn’t we dance? If there have been any comments, I haven’t heard them.

Only did it once, because I’ve only had the opportunity once. We got some “looks” but I didn’t let it bother me. If the bride and groom hadn’t wanted us there, they wouldn’t have invited us. Now, we were both lousy dancers, but that’s a different story!

I would respect the tone of my host’s wedding. I am gay and if I invited a man as my date and it seemed clearly out of place to dance with him I would not.

You got to show a little class, after all it’s the BRIDE’S DAY, it’s NOT your chance to ruin her wedding day all for the sake of making a point.

Then again, we are two Gay guys who wouldn’t be caught dancing at a Gay disco either…let’s just say not all Gay men dance, nor want to.

I danced at my brother’s wedding reception, with various people, including my mom (she really cuts a rug when you put on Aretha), my 88-year-old grandmother who flew up from Los Angeles, and various guests including this gay friend of my brother’s who I was crushed out on.

When I was with my girlfriend (I bat for both teams), we went to a wedding and danced together. But then again, it’s much more socially acceptable for two girls to dance together. I mean, I wasn’t dry humping her on the dance floor or motorboating her or anything. We kept it classy. You see girls dancing with each other all the time, so it wasn’t really a deal.

Some of my family still to this day thinks she was just a girl friend, not a girlfriend. And now I’m married to a man. So I guess they’ll never know.

Yes I do, but I don’t engage in heavy petting (much) at the same time.

I went to a (gay) civil partnership (UK) recently for a male couple who are pretty closeted. The whole wedding was more like a straight affair - we were the only other gay couple, in a party of 120 people. Heck, the grooms even apologised in their joint speech about how everyone must be weirded out at seeing two men at the altar. Really sad. My partner was furious about this and consequently dragged me around the dance floor at full snog, bump and grind to make a point.

But otherwise, I wouldn’t do that.

I’m straight, but the following might be of interest:

I have a pair of gay friends who are in a committed relationship and have been for a while. They’re within a larger group of mostly straight friends who enjoying dancing, especially swing, waltz, tango, and foxtrot. These two gay men are among the best dancers in the group; they’re both significantly better than I am, and I’m not bad within the group. But these two will not dance together. They say it’s awkward, that they both prefer to lead, and that the whole thing is just difficult. They will, I believe, dance together if it’s a more free-form, unstructured dance (you know, to hip-hop or whatever it is the kids play at the parties today). But at a wedding reception, I suspect they might not dance together.