G'day from next year

Well it’s 4am, Jan 1 2001.

G’day from tomorrow if you’re reading this before you guys get here.

We’ve just arrived home from a festive evening full of dancing, alcohol and lots of friendly faces.

For those who didn’t know a group of my friends (including Wyldelf) and I attended the Mayor’s Ball to ring in the new century. We looked fantastic in our tuxes and gowns even if I do say so myself.

Arrived at City Hall where we were given labels of famous people and we were to find our other halves. Wyldelf (complete with tiara and looking quite the princess) was given Delilah (so she obviously had to find Samson who turned out ot be a dud and a half sadly). I received Dawson Leary which was probably all too apt and provided endless entertainment for my friends. Lots of dancing and drinking ensued interspersed with conversation with beautiful strangers.

Sadly I didn’t find my Joey Potter :frowning: in either the label or romantic sense but it was a fun evening regardless. In fact on a romantic level I found it hard to really get into ‘tuning’ or wooing. So instead they just got a dancing machine ;).

Anyway I hope you all have (or have had) an equally wonderful time. I hope you too are fortunate enough to be surrounded by wonderful friends and if you’re not that you have a great time regardless. All my best for all of you.

Doob: my astral form will be attending your party any second now.

Peace all and welcome to the 21st Century.

1918: the US House of Representatives passed women's suffrage, baron von Richthofen killed, WWI ends, JD Salinger born, Nat King Cole born

Yeah, what he said.

Hugs, happiness, big smiles and love to all


Happy happy happy happy happy New Year to everyone!! (Even though it’s still 12 hours away here in Illinois)

Wow! A portal to the future!

So, what’s next year like?

----:)/ x o x o

& * & * & * & * & * & * & * & * & * & * (hats for everyone)




(and of course, libations)

(Even though it’s not new year yet here) do you think they’d allow to break out the hard liquor just on this one occasion?

<thinks of everyone completely wasted, slumped in heaps round the board>

Spider Woman libations are the virtual kind, which aren’t intoxicating but quite heady. Bweee teeee heee.


Well, it’s 5:30 in the morning, the sun is shining and the parrots are screeching in the trees outside the window. We’ve just staggered home, and I’d just like to wish everyone the third SDMB Happy New Year of the millennium. (damn, I’d hoped to be first)
I hope everyone else has the opportunity to continue his thread as the new millennium rolls around the globe, and as recovery allows.
A happy and prosperous new year to all. Me sleep now!

Still have about 10 hours before New Year’s where I am, but could someone give wyldelf a Happy New Year’s kiss for me? Do it the way I would do it too: slip her some tongue and squeeze her butt a little. :wink:

Woooo! We’re entering The Era When Everything Labeled “2000” Has Become Quaint!

So what you’re saying is, the new year is shaping up pretty well so far, huh? That’s great news, because that last one sorta sucked, y’know?

Thanks for fearlessly blazing a trail into the new year, dpr!

My gratitude and best wishes to all the Dopers who make this place such a delight. You’re the brightest, funniest, most aggravating, comforting and stimulating companions anyone could have.

May the new year be filled with every blessing for you and yours.

Happy New Year from 2001 In England too!


Checking in from Chicago. Glad you two had a wonderful time. Wish I could have been there. <sigh> Alas, I was invited too late. :smiley:

/hugs/ to dpr and wyldelf, and best wishes for all the rest of the boards. Here’s to hoping next year is better than this one was.

My love to dpr and wyldelf as they blaze the trail to a wonderful new year!

I love you both, and I am so glad you had a good time at the ball!

And to the rest of the board…One of the best things that happened to me this year was the opportunity to become part of this commmunity. I feel blest by your friendship and humbled by your collective wonderfulness.


Much Love to all,




(whichever you prefer)

Happy New Year DPR, I would like to echo Cheri’s thoughts on becoming part of the virtual community here. I’ve met and become friends with a lot of nice people here this year and I’m glad to call the SDMB a home.


And I know it’s dpr :sigh:

P.S. I seem to be channeling Tatertot tonight:
racy: I’m lazy. Okay, now you gotta post for me in the G’Day for New Year thread and say I say Happy New Years and link to my virtual New Year in Germany page, which is http://tatelongfamily.homestead.com/2001.html

MMMMMMM thanks Crunchy Frog that was wonderful ::swoon:: You know I especially like it when you stroke the side of my face and make me feel like the only person on earth for them. Wonderful!!

OK it is now 12.30pm New Years Day and we have managed to drag our sorry backsides out of bed as far as the computer. Wow - what a night. It was wonderful to be a Princess for an evening ::stars in eyes::. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend New Years than with so many people that I love. ::sigh::

Happy New Year’s everyone - I hope your celebrations are as much fun as ours were.

I wish there had been a Wyldelf at the party I went to. All the women at mine were spoken for (except for one, but she was 10 years old). Ah well, they did go prancing around in skimpy clothes in a spa pool…

Happy 2001!!!

smooches GuanoLad for new years