GE air conditioner operation

How the hell complicated could an air conditioner be? How complicated indeed!

This stupid thing is driving me nuts. I had it working last night, but now don’t remember exactly how I did it. The control panel has these buttons.


None of these buttons seems to have any effect . . . except Delay. When Delay is pushed, the display shows “1”. This number can be increased or decreased with the arrow buttons. However, none of the other buttons seems to have any effect. Instead I get an annoyed double-beep when I push any of them.

My google-fu has failed to find a manual that could be useful. What say you teeming millions? My family’s comfort tonight is at the mercy of your aggregate wisdom!

How 'bout a model number, at the very least a google image or a picture of the thing would probably be helpful.

In the mean time, if hitting the mode button doesn’t cycle though some different settings (or mode then using the up/down buttons), I think I’d wait an hour. I’m guessing that’s what the delay is, maybe something will happen then, though I’m not sure what.

ETA, have you tried unplugging it and plugging it back in?

EETA if you hit delay and then down, can you set the delay to zero?

Yes, the delay can be set to zero (I assume this is zero). The display reads two short horizontal lines. However, in this state, all other buttons are non-responsive. Also, the machine will not remain in this state. After several seconds it goes back to a powered-off state, no buttons responsive except Delay.

Let me get a model #

Here it is: AEW08AJS1


TLDR: Power on, if delay 1-24 light is on, hold button until it goes off. mode to cool, fan to auto, up/down button to set temp.

Thanks, Yoyo. The delay start worked, though with your help, maybe it will take less than an hour to turn it on next time :).

Nice !

It looks like he fixed it five years ago.