Gecko Owners, advice, please!

I currently have a red-eared slider turtle. I love him because he is a) cute, b) easy to take care of. I’ve decided I want a pet that is only marginally higher maintenance, and I’ve decided on a day gecko!

I love these little critters, they’re so attractive. I’m going to have a nice set up for him, but I was hoping for advice from people who have owned them.

Any imput, folks?

Well, I’ve heard that they can save you hundreds of dollars on car insurance…

I’m ashamed to admit it,

but you made me laugh out loud.


I had a colony of the little guys living in my front yard for years. I would turn on the porch light and they would come out and hang out in the ceiling and walls eating the bugs that the light attracted. Last year they disappeared. I didn’t spray for bugs, or paint, or do anything different so I don’t know why they moved on. :frowning: