Where do you buy day geckos?

Huh? A breeder? A pet store? None of the pet stores around here have any. My SO is trying to console me with some baby leopard geckos in the pet store and while they are cute I WANT A DAY GECKO. I live in Upstate NY, I’m willing to travel some distance to find my pet. Anyone have any ideas?

A day gecko? Are they salamanders by night?

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Ok, so you made me laugh. Still, get out!

Hee hee! My work here is done. :smiley:

Attend the New York Herpitological Expo or contact the Upstate Herpetological Association. Breeders of geckos will be at the expo, whether it’s a sale or exhibition only. Herp club members may know of local breeders.

There’s a great reptile swap here. If you haven’t found something by the time the next one rolls around I would be willing to talk to the breeders. They may have some leads. If you ever start looking at Gargoyle geckos there is a breeder in Mighigan with beautiful animals. He makes the circuit of expos/meets.

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Not at night, that’s for sure.

You people are so funny. No, really, no sarcasm. Anyway, we’re planning to go to this expo! Fun!