Gee, Honey, Sorry That I Almost Poisoned You!

I spilled my glass of tea last night, so after swearing a bit and cleaning it up, I had to go downstairs and get another glass. While I was down there, I noticed a funny smell. I saw smoke rising from the oven and ran over to jerk open the door. I saw that my Hubby was baking mini-pizzas and the smoke was coming from some cheese which had dripped off the pan.

Hubby heard my alarmed squawk and came into the kitchen to see what was amiss.

“Did you wash that cookie sheet you’re using?” I asked.

“No. I though you must have baked something. It was just laying on the counter.”

I got out an oven mit. “You can’t eat this,” I said.

You see, I had taken the sheet out of the dishwasher and saw that it had some traces of burnt-on grease. I thought I’d be clever and use Easy-Off oven cleaner to cut through it and save myself some scrubbing time. I sprayed it on the sheet and left it to soak thinking I’d come down and wash it later. Hubby came along and saw the cookie sheet and assumed I must have made a snack and just like a man*, saw nothing wrong with reusing a dirty dish.

So, if I hadn’t spilled my tea, I’d probably be posting this from the police station, arrested for poisoning my Hubby with oven cleaner. :smiley:

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Yikes! He never noticed the smell? Or the residue? He’s a lucky man to have you watching his back!

The Easy Off has virtually no smell and apparently, after it’s been sitting on a cookie sheet for a while it looks just like the sheet has been sprayed with Pam cooking spray.

Either lucky to have to you save him or lucky that he didn’t die.

I still can’t make up my mind yet.

A little sodium hydroxide never killed anyone. Hubby would have been surprised at the bitter taste of the first bite, and might have developed a few blisters. Still, he’d probably have had Lissa arrested for trying to poison him, and they’d end up fighting for years in the civil courts. It’s a good thing she caught him!

One day, one of my roommates is going to put themselves in the hospital with salmonella after reusing my cutting boards and knives.

Well, you could, you know, clean them…

But then how would they learn their lesson not to use the stuff?

No, no, you’ve got this all wrong. You have to catch them in the act and swat them on the nose with a newspaper.

Generally I do my dishes once a day, as I’m only cleaning up after myself so it takes that long to build up enough to make it worth it.