Geez what a STENCH!

Right now I’m cleaning my self-cleaning oven. Since its last cleaning a certain number of pies have been baked. Also some drippy lasagna and various other juicy and/or runny substances.

I wiped out the ashy crumbs before I started but HOLY HANNAH. The whole house reeks.

Got anything stinky going on today over at your place?

The bathroom stinks. Then again, after what I just did in it…

I have a silicone sheet oven liner. <Link>

When my pies overflow, I just pull out the sheet, rinse it off in the sink, and put it back in the oven. Works beautifully.

Maybe I am out of touch and everyone has one of these. That said, you are the one that has shown me the light, for that, I love you. :wink:

When I get home from a road trip, Buddy the World’s Friendliest Cat get’s so excited that he could just shit. Which is what he did when I arrived home last night. The covered litter box with charcol filter and scent absorbing litter helps a lot, but when that little guy lets go, he certainly lets himself be known.

This is why I finally got busy and cleaned the damn goopy oven. I’ve had one of those mats for a month, waiting to install. I use one in my toaster oven, and it’s da bomb. If you heat up pizza a lot, it’s a lifesaver.

I have a couple of sheets of aluminum foil.

I’m baking a pie right now (key lime!) and I had to turn the range hood on because it stinks. And I’m only baking at 350.

I am pretty sure I’m going to clean the oven tomorrow. I’d do it tonight while I sleep but I think I’ll need to open the windows :slight_smile:

Not currently, but my brother-in-law brewed beer the other day. I am of the opinion that that’s pretty stinky.

Now? My feet. I worked all day today in my comfy brown tennis shoes and man, do my feet reek. This is probably a sign I should replace those shoes; I’ve noticed that once my feet start to smell a lot, it’s probably because I’m wearing old shoes, and if I don’t replace them, it only gets worse.