"Gee, MSN, what are we going to do tonight?"

“The same thing we do every night, Pinky. We’re going to CHANGE THE HOTMAIL SIGN-IN SCREEN!!!”

Okay, so it’s really minor, but for the love Jebus, can’t this website just make up its skullfucking mind about what it wants to look like? It’s changed faces more than <obvious Michael Jackson joke omitted for safety purposes>.

It’s bad enough that I have to wade knee-deep in porn every time I sign in just to see if I got any legitimate mail. But now they’ve decided to mess with my tired, sleepy brain in the mornings by changing the goddamn appearence of the site every time I try to visit.

Are you really that unhappy with yourself, Hotmail? Don’t you realize that you don’t need to change to fit societal standards of “cool”? My advice is to go listen to “Everything is Beautiful,” tear up all those trendy magazines, and just stop with the Rabid-Death-Monkey Coding already. Please, for my sake. I fear change.

I’ve found that I normally get the old screen if I type http://www.hotmail.com into my browser address bar.

If I click on the fast link at the top of my IE browser, I get the new one.

It lucklily has changed back, thank god. Hotmail, when you put too much crap and links on the login screen and make me type in @hotmail.com at the end of my screenname, it makes me an angry panda.

Wow. That was a fast change-back.

And…uhhh, yeah. That’ll show 'em. Damn straight.