Geek Revenge! (Or, How gotbyte Got Bit)

It’s a really, really bad idea to steal articles and bandwidth from computer hardware review sites.

Today, Scott “Dr. Damage” Wasson, co-editor of discovered that a computer reseller, gotbyte, had stolen one of his articles word for word. Even worse, gotbyte left the images on Damage’s server, leaving Damage’s machines to supply the pictures for gotbyte’s site. That turned out to be a baaaaaad idea. After all, since Damage was supplying the pictures, he could still alter them…

Here’s the story so far.

Here’s Dr. Damage’s revenge. Scroll down to the pictures.

Bravo, Dr. Damage! It’s nice to see someone get a chance to tear a thief a new one. Anyone else have some good cyber-revenge stories?

::applauds:: That is some masterful revengeing, there.

“If we can do this, is your credit card safe?” :smiley:

That is beautiful!

I especially enjoyed seeing their Tech Support person hard at work. :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s Jr. Damage. Wonder what he’s going to grow up to be?

After thinking about it a little bit, I realized that Dr. Damage probably got a tip or two from this guy, who was mentioned in the TR in June of 2000. The dude totally tore down a spamming ring, to the point where he fully “exposes” the ringleader. Read the “(Start Here)” part first–it’s pretty entertaining.

It’s more than entertaining–it’s brutal!