Geekiest most wonderful crafts ever?!

Check it out! Morse code AND musical scales!

I love it! And how about this one?

(Some of the pieces aren’t quite right but that’s OK)


Share yours!

Wow…that first one is just phenomenal…I need to recalibrate my geekometer after seeing that.

Wow. That crafter achieved terminal geekosity. A great idea, but the most butt-ugly quilt I’ve ever seen.

That’s pretty awesomely geeky stuff. I kinda want a Tetris quilt, but I worry that it would keep me up all night playing imaginary Tetris. :slight_smile:

Of course, no thread on geeky crafts could possibly be complete without a mention of the Knitted Princess Leia Wig.

Wow. Just wow.

Those are fantastic! But the Tetris one is right, if you consider that those are the remains of complete blocks that were used to finish a line. She even left at least one black square in every line. It looks like a game a n00b would play, but at least it’s a possible game.

:smack: Of course you’re right. Luckily you said that before I put together a quilt with whole pieces that fit togther perfectly–which of course would be lines that would disappear.

I guess a quilt of an expert player’s game would be pretty boring. :smack:

That occurred to me, and immediately bugged me. I couldn’t have that quilt on my bed, I’d be worried about losing the game any moment now! But it would have bugged me more if the quilt were wrong.

Speaking of Tetris, check out the homage on the Google homepage today (Sat. the 6th).