Geico sushi commercial

I like it.


She’s too young to have named her goldfish Capt. Stubing.

I think it’s dumb

like 95% of Geico commercials

It’s not just that their eating their daughter’s fish. It’s the image of the mother in the kitchen killing and preparing the fish.

But there’s good news.

So stupid. Any little fish she had in there would never be worth the time, all those little bones.

Well, he doesn’t seem to be really liking the sushi, he’s kind of choking it down.
I like it, it’s one of the more humorously cruel commercials in the Geico series. It’s almost as good as the commercial with the gerbils getting shot out of the cannon. Plus, they’re not proud of it :slight_smile:

And, he gets BOTH pieces. They’re that in debt that they need to scarf down their kid’s goldfish, but dad doesn’t even share this meager meal with his wife. For shame, fish sucking husband!

Yeah, and then what? Is their neighborhood in for a rash of disappearing fish?

it is a bit disturbing.

Suddenly Cavemen: the Series doesn’t seem so bad, does it?

+1. My wife hates these commercials, but even she liked it.

Paint me the opposite. I at least somewhat like most of the GEICO ads - geckos, cavemen, people crawling out from under a big rock, the stack of money cuing “Somebody’s Watching Me”, the rhetorical question guy (“Is the pen mightier than the sword?”), etc. - but not this one. Too implausible and also too mean spirited to me to like. And I didn’t even catch the oddity of a teenager’s fish being named “Capt. Stubing”. Now I hate it even more! :slight_smile:

The other ones in the same “easier way to save” vein also leave me flat. Like the woman who trained her pets to play “Take On Me”. shrug

I heard Captain Stewy.