Gen*Con Indy, or Five Days of Gaming Paradise

As I discused in my Epic San Diego Comic Con Report, I will be headed to Indianapolis, Indiana for GenCon! This will be my first GenCon, and I am REALLY looking forward to it. San Diego was nice, and very geeky, but I am a gamer at heart.

So I will be at the WotC Booth #417. Come by and look for a guy with a green fishing cap with pins on it. I am sure there will be lots of free SWAG. Plus if anyone wants to get together for dinner near the convention center, I would love to!

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I’d love to got his year, but won’t be able to; if you’re there next year, I’ll see you then!

Last year was an absolute blast, by the way. I got to play ina game with the redoubtable Kevin Kulp (author of Of Sound Mind and an Internet friend) and in a game with the Fiery Dragons Productions guys, all of whom were hilarious and wonderful.

Gen*Con is a great, great con, best I’ve ever been to.


Hey, I live somewhat close to Indy. I didn’t know there were any gaming conventions there. I wonder if IndyGrrl knew about it, because it seems like a good chance for her to try and arrange an IndyDope.

I work downtown, so if anyone wants to catch lunch at any point during the week, lemme know. There used to be a fantastic all-you-can-eat Thai place 3 blocks from the convention center, but that’s gone out of business (it’s all my fault - sorry!). We can probably hammer out the where’s, when’s and what’s later, but there’s good variety downtown.

I would enjoy this greatly. I enjoy meeting dopers. :slight_smile:

So if someone wants to make a Gen*Con Dopefest I would be happy to attend.

I just realized that the weekend this covers is the same weekend that I go back to school. :frowning:

OK - I don’t care one whit about Gen*Con itself, but I’ve been meaning to get interest in an IndyDope started recently. See, we bought a house in April! And we would love to have folks over!

I know that convention parties can be quite fun, but I’d still love to meet some of you guys. And Munch, it’s been to long!

Please feel free to drop me an email. It’s avarie537 at

Yay! IndyDopeFest!

Sent an email to everyone on this thread. If anyone wants to head up this shindig, feel free to email. :slight_smile:

Still kind of mad it left Milwaukee, even if I understand the reasons.

It was neat haveing a very big aviation event (EAA aka Airventure) and a big gaming event (GenCon) in the same state.