GenCon Indy!

So, who’s all headed there this year, and what are your plans? I want to get over some social anxiety by trying to meet people I only know online, so maybe a doper or two could lend a hand with that?

I’ll be there from Thursday to early Sunday. I’m running 2 LARPs on Thursday, two tabletops and a LARP on Friday, and the rest of my schedule is pretty open.

Sweet merciful crap.

We had planned on going to Fort Wayne from the 12th through the 15th. Now I come to find out that the day after we planned on heading home, GenCon will be two hours away?

I think some rescheduling is in order…

Man, I just got back from GenCon Indy! It was exhausting.

Liz and I will be there. We’re doing all LARPs, two each day of Thurs-Saturday. On Thursday, we’re doing two LARPs hosted by Kettle of Fish Productions (Nightside Passage and Once Upon a Name), who we’ve been LARPing with for many years now.

Friday we’re doing a Discworld LARP, Magic: The Dislocating, by a group that’s run by a friend of a friend. It’s our first time being in one of their games. Later that day we’re doing Our Town, a Cthulhu live LARP by Elder Entertainment, another group we’ve LARPed with in the past.

Saturday we’re doing Kids Summon the Damndest Things, another Cthulhu Live LARP hosted by Elder Entertainment, and then we’re doing Edwardian Indiana: The Crossroads of History, a LARP hosted in the Indiana History museum by two good friends of ours.

That’s a whole lotta LARPing! Still, if you wanna do a micro-Doper-fest, I’m game. :slight_smile:

Works for me.

Bumping because it’s nearly upon us.

I’ll be there. But my tastes run more towards board games and Magic. Feel free to send me an email (I will probably not be checking private messages) if you want to hang out and do some of that.

For those showing up Wednesday looking for local fun (sorta), Sun King Brewery will be having a free beer tapping party of GenCon’s official beer: Ale of Destiny. (I’m not sure if the beer is free - typically not. Tappings usually give out samples, with pints for sale. High Velocity is a great venue - it’s right across from the convention center in the JW Marriott.)

We won’t be leaving Chicago until about 5:30, which means with the time difference it will be 9:30 at best before we’ll get in, so I doubt the tapping party will still be going on.

But if anyone wants to get together at some point, I’ll PM my contact info to those in this thread and we’ll see if schedule allows.

Not leaving until 7 AM tomorrow morning (long story), but if I can wrangle some time, I’d love to meet up! (Caveat: I’m running games for approximately 22 hours between Thursday and Friday, and Saturday I’m playing for six).