Gender Guesser

In one of the myriad umkay threads somebody posted a link to the Gender Guesser and I thought this might be fun. I submitted a piece of writing consisting of 1154 words and got back:

*Genre: Informal
Female = 1658
Male = 2183
Difference = 525; 56.83%
Verdict: Weak MALE

Weak emphasis could indicate European.

Genre: Formal
Female = 1436
Male = 1629
Difference = 193; 53.14%
Verdict: Weak MALE

Weak emphasis could indicate European.*

Which is not entirely surprising to me; I’ve been told I write like a man before. I’m not really sure why, or what it means, but it’s interesting.
What’s more amusing is that it thinks I am European! Well, I’ve been through the airports in Europe a couple of times…Oh! And once I even had to stay overnight in London for a missed flight, so technically I have touched ground.

Try it and see what it categorizes you as!

I submitted two pieces. The first is a column that I wrote this week. This is more representative of my informal style. The results were:

Genre: Informal
Female = 1748
Male = 1608
Difference = -140; 47.91%
Verdict: Weak FEMALE

Weak emphasis could indicate European.

Genre: Formal
Female = 1180
Male = 1202
Difference = 22; 50.46%
Verdict: Weak MALE

Weak emphasis could indicate European.

The second one was for a more formal piece that I wrote this week.

The results were:
Genre: Informal
Female = 860
Male = 3573
Difference = 2713; 80.6%
Verdict: MALE

Genre: Formal
Female = 1153
Male = 2103
Difference = 950; 64.58%
Verdict: MALE

Very interesting. I’m a woman, for the record.

I plugged in several bits from various fiction I’ve written, and except for one “weak FEMALE” all of them were either MALE or Weak MALE.

I’m not at all surprised, really. I’ve been told many times that I write like a guy. Fun little test, though! :slight_smile:

That site makes my vagina cry.

Then again what I submitted was short and “soft” in content. I don’t think I have many long writings.



I’m a guy.

I’m a guy. I submitted this:

repeated enough times to generate 420 words. The results:

Total words: 420

Genre: Informal
Female = 1290
Male = 0
Difference = -1290; 0%
Verdict: FEMALE

Genre: Formal
Female = 120
Male = 60
Difference = -60; 33.33%
Verdict: FEMALE

I think it might not be working. :slight_smile:

I submitted a couple of pieces I’ve done in the past year, one long, one short. FWIW, they are both written in the second person.

Both came back strong male in the informal genre, but weak female in formal writing. Interesting.

Genre: Informal
Female = 39
Male = 326
Difference = 287; 89.31%
Verdict: MALE


Genre: Formal
Female = 231
Male = 478
Difference = 247; 67.41%
Verdict: MALE

You guys need to tell us if you’re male or female to start with!

Avec les testicules, merci.

Ah! A submissive male. :smiley:

Only when I’m being formal.

On a similar vein, I once wrote a script to determine gender from online usernames. As of when I’d abandoned it, it was up to about 95% accurate.

Interesting. I submitted 3 informal emails. One came back weak male, the other two weak female.
I submitted a more formal excerpt, and it came back as male. I am female, but I lived and wrote in the academic world for a long enough time for it to stick, I guess.

I submitted a “letter” I wrote some time ago, written in-character as a supervillain.

He’d be peeved.

<checks> Male.

I’m a male.

I submitted:
“I have a penis and I like having my penis in a vagina.” until it hit over a thousands words. It responded with.

Genre: Informal
Female = 0
Male = 960
Difference = 960; 100%
Verdict: MALE


Genre: Formal
Female = 384
Male = 1152
Difference = 768; 75%
Verdict: MALE

I think it’s working just fine.

You need to regularly check? :eek:

Hey, you never know…

You sure it didn’t take that as nagging…

(For the record, I’m a female)