Gender, race, and other issues (split off from Doper Demographics thread)

Well, you didn’t answer it simply. The question asked was quite straightforward - when you use the unqualified term “men”, are you including trans women? Yes or no would have been a simple answer. The answer does not require reference to roosters.

You mean the one you evaded, at one point explicitly refused to answer, and then eventually answered only in an evasive convoluted manner about 200 posts after it was first asked?

Perhaps our Faith and Hope can at least survive this unfortunate uncharitable episode.

This is also objectively false. Your position has included



If you’d stuck to the position of, “I want to be able to call transwomen ‘men’ and suffer no consequences for it,” this back-and-forth wouldn’t have gone on so long.

The mods have discussed this topic quite a lot recently.

No. You are not allowed to discuss it because you have a specific topic ban.

Other posters are allowed to discuss whether trans women should be allowed in designated women-only spaces, so long as the language they use is respectful. So, they may say that they think trans women don’t belong. Or that people who retain the penis and testicles they were born with don’t belong. Or that people with high testosterone don’t belong. Or that people who look like men don’t belong. (Although that last has been the bane of a lot of cis women who happen to have some masculine features.) What they can’t say is that trans women don’t belong there because they are really men.

It’s referring to trans women as men that is hate speech. Not discussing the political and social issues around where trans people can do what.

Now, some posters may say that those trans-exclusionary opinions are hateful. But that’s not the board’s rules.

That being said, “women-exclusive spaces” is far from the only issue that affects women differently from men. Your topic ban is only on this one narrow issue of trans women. You are free to discuss any of the many other women’s issues, so long as you do so respectfully.

I missed this one. I would argue this one should count as a persaonal attack. Calling everyone who enjoys this board a “pathetic handful of nobodies” is attacking all of us. It suggests her goal was just to piss everyone off.

And it’s exactly the sort of stuff that was why she got her topic ban, before the rules about misgendering existed.

Anybody have a link to the topic ban? A brief search didn’t turn up anything.

See this post:

I took it as she was just pissed off. I tend to be a bit forgiving of things like this in ATMB because I want people to actually say what they think so that issues actually get out into the open and resolved.

That doesn’t mean that everyone has free rein to misbehave in here.

…and I thought I was an adventurous eater!

:smiley: I figured puzzlegal is Scottish, and “dinner” means “dinnae,” but I really can’t figure out “fish.” “Too much”?

Or maybe she meant exactly what she said. “Dude, you can’t come in this bathroom! Unless you brought me a very specific meal.

It’s a puzzle.

It’s a band name.

I mean, a fish dinner does increase your testosterone levels.

But a fish testosterone dinner does not boost your testosterone levels. It’s the Vitamin D.

Still, I think we can parse it as

fish (testosterone dinner)

… a dinner designed to increase your testosterone levels, consisting of fish.

Fixed. Oops

I really hope puzzlegal does not explain “fish testosterone dinner” and this becomes one of the great SDMB mysteries.

ETA: dammit! :wink:

Oh phooey, she edited it for clarity. puzzlegal, that was a beautiful anomalous sentence though.


It was, but since i was trying to clarify official policy, i thought it best to actually, you know, be clear.


The funny thing was, I reading through it, thinking it was a well-crafted eloquent post (which it is) and I actually got about 3 sentences past that before doing a cartoonish double-take. It was like a reading analogy of that thing where the cartoon character runs off the edge of a cliff but doesn’t fall until they look down.

Well, it was a well created, eloquent post in my head. Then i took out my phone and started writing…

Anyway, I think “Pathetic Handful of Nobodies” belongs right up there with “Teeming Millions” as a potential badge of Doper pride. I think “fish testosterone dinner” should also be Dope-memed, but I don’t exactly know what it ought to signify.

ETA: omg, a fish testosterone dinner is actually a real thing.