General Boykin: "My God's bigger than your God!"

He’s crazy like a zealot! (But I don’t think he’s the next Patton. Or Montgomery. Or MacArthur. Or … )

Anyway, from the Respected Quote-san:

Emph-ASSES mine.

So, what do we do about the Religious Wrong in power? Especially when they say shit like this:

And that was supposed to patch things over. To tear apart his last sentence: What? You mean you’re only interested in learning of other cultures once they’ve become Christian? Damn. Closed-minded bigot, you are.

(Oh, and his first sentence is historically indefensible as well: All of the Founding Fathers were Deists and did not believe in anything specifically Christian, any more than they believed in anything specifically Jewish or Islamic.)

I think I just read something about that.

And IIRC, I rad about it here and [url=].


Damn. Why can I never be the first with these things?

And then I read about it here!

Many of them were Deists but there were Christians too, most notably James Madison.


My dad is bigger than your dad!
He’s got eight cars and a house in Ireland!