General complaining -- bitch session

Okay, so I have some that aren’t fans of me…yeah for you. We have many here who bitch about the lamest shit to the most serious shit, that is warranted go at is as you will.

Well what does it settle for anyone of us? I know message boards, a member of four or more where we don’t have to agree but we agree to be civil from the get go.

Okay here are my current bitches on life.

  1. It’s been fucking snowing, virtually non-stop since Wednesday. We may not see relief until Monday. BUT I might catch shit from the anti-weather people for this complaint. Come on, tell me how wrong it it to bitch about the weather…I don’t care. Very minor complaint, mind you.

  2. My right back fucking tire is low, my front left tire is all fucked up. I need new tires, I am constantly spending 50 cents about every two weeks or so to pump them up so I don’t have to spend money on tires I know I need. BTW, I need new struts, gonna cost me an additional $400+ to get them $700-$1000 in all. I hate to bitch about this but if I am going to get new tires I need to get those struts replaced. If I don’t I will loose my tires much sooner because of how they contact the road with your struts. My financial situation is okay but not that sound. I am pissed because I was once able to do anything for my car and these days are different. If I do one I have to do the other. I could afford to get them replaced when I needed to before…this poor shit sucks.

  3. I had to drop my health insurance last Feb. I can’t afford it. What can I say if I get sick I am one fucked bitch, I refuse to turn to daddy…it’s not going to happen. He gets mad at me and I tell him I have insurance, I can’t tell him that I am not covered. At the same time I will refuse help from him. He’s my dad not my saviour.

  4. I suspect I have a lien or two on my measly excuse for property…yes I owe taxes…I have for some time now. I haven’t received the actual liens in mail but I have received letters from attorneys wanting my business. Not so cloaked “You may have a lien for owing taxes, please seek our counsil.” Fucking vultures, I can find my own fucking lawyer and I guarantee he/she will be better than your slimely selves.

  5. Techchick is doing damn fine considering, she really is. I still smoke like a chimney, I drink like a fucking fish but I have never been happier in my life except:

I want to get rid of this tax problem, I want to quit smoking by the time I am 35, I would like to able to afford those tires and the struts this summer, the weather…well I can’t do shit about that but it’s one thing that drives me bonkers at this time, I need sunshine.

Anyhow, I am in a pissy mood but not that pissy considering the fact I have the state of Colorado after my ass and the IRS…if they want to take it all, fucking take it because you can’t take me…

Come to think of it…gonna talk to my brother tomorrow and give him the family heirlooms from when mom died…I have a whole bedroom set that should be for him more than for me since I was adopted…it only makes sense. I would hate for the state to take this from my family…he’s more deserving anyway.

I can’t afford to pay them but I can afford to get the important stuff out of my house. Sutff that belongs to my bro anyway.

OY! This sucks. I am okay mentally but never thought it would come to this. 'Spose I should start putting all kinds of shit in my brother’s name.

Gotta add a little more “whoa is me” shit.

My brother, my father and myself are going to go out to Kansas and help my grandma pack for her trip to Virginia in June. She’s fucking been in Kinsley, KS for so long I don’t even know…at least 50 years. Now she’s being uprooted, and moved and transfered like a fucking piece of money…

She’s not that, she’s 87 years old, she has lived in the same God Damned place for so God damned ever. My mother lived there, my uncle lived there, it’s such a cute little place, but it’s in the middle of fucking no where.

You know what, it breaks my fucking heart to pack her up, my mom was the person that was to take care of her, not my uncle, not my uncle, dammmit…why couldn’t my mom be the one to help my G-Mom (grandma) through this?

God, I have moved and my heart sank like a god damned brick, but my G-Mom had been in the same fucking house for close to 50-60 years…and this has got break her fucking heart…I don’t know how to help her or how to feel for her.

I will be staying with her while my dad and brother stay in Dodge City but this may be the last time I spend with her…ever, my last grandmother…

Mom, why the FUCK did you have to die??? Why couldn’t you have been the one to take care of G-Mom? Why couldn’t you have remained to give me shit through my life and most importantly, why couldn’t you you have given G-Mom a life she so needs now…I wish I could but it’s been decided.

G-Mom, I love you, I wish I could help you more than I can…I really do…maybe between now and then I can figure out a way. I don’t want you to miss your home and your life. I could live in Dodge City, I could stop in daily, I could bring you a meal that is good, I am a good cook.

God, I feel so guilty about this, she needs me, I am the only “kid” that can offer her the time…why didn’t I push this several months ago? Because I am afraid…

G-Mom, I so wish I could make things different for you…God, please know that, please know it…I love you and always will.

Well… ah… ::tries desperately to think of something that isn’t trite::

I’m glad that you’re able to get these things off your chest, at the very least, Tech’ems. I don’t really know how to resolve your problems for you, but at least I can say that, yes, someone’s listening, and yes, someone cares.

(I hope that didn’t sound TOO corny…)

Eh Spoofley…it’s not corney at all.

I am sitting here, at my age of almost 33 trying to figure out a way to move to Dodge City so my grandma can live her life out there in Kinsley.

Heck I am not a social person anyway, but helping her live out her life in her home would be wonderful…I think it would calm her soul even thought my uncle and my brother have decided that living in Virginia is best for her.

Shit I live on an investment that is guaranteed for another 20 years or so…it’s not like I am tied down with family and friends…she fucking needs me…but don’t know how to tell my family I am willing to take that step to move to Dodge City for her…Dodge City is not a drive like some of you think, it’s all corn fields and silos…not you Mike…but none the less I would up-root myself to at least keep her in Kansas.

I feel like I should move close to her to help her so she doesn’t have to fucking move.

Tech, I’m not the {{hug}} type, but I do have to say one thing: Being adopted does not make you any less worthy of anything!

I just want you to know that despite their reputation as blood suckers, the IRS was very good to my husband and I when we owned back taxes. Nothing got garnished, even though we had not filed for two straight years. (And we make a good deal of money)
They sent nasty grams, etc which we did not answer. Finally, my husband called them about our outstanding balance (and we actually filed- hooray!) and they were MORE then happy to arrange for payment we could afford. A problem like that is usually worse in your thoughts then in reality. Call them up and see what they can negotiate for you, or have a lawyer call. I was petrified of the IRS coming and taking our stuff (which they had every right to, in my opinion. You can’t stiff 'em on taxes, then buy cool shit, which we did), and it turned out to be no big deal.

Your milage may vary, but I know how hard it is thinking about that stuff. Sometimes the devil you know is better then the one you don’t. (or something like that)

Good luck,

Second what Zette says about the IRS. They don’t really want you in jail, 'cause if you’re in jail, you can’t earn money to pay them their taxes. In my experience, they’re always delighted to have you come in and deal.

Look at Willie Nelson (am I the only one who remembers that?)

And he owed $32 million.

I’d like to strongly encourage you to help out your grandma if you can. I was in a similar position several years ago and didn’t do it, and it’s one of the great regrets of my life. I was single and unemployed and if I’d move in with her she could have stayed out of the nursing home. If you can spend time wth her in her last years it will enrich the rest of your life.

Of course I can’t know all the details of your situation, and only you can make this decision, but I think it’s wonderful you’re even considering it. Good luck!

Thanks all,

God, this thought of oweing the IRS (and the state of Colorado) has been weighing on my head for a long time.

I will contact an IRS rep this week. I already know Colorado has a lien on my car, I haven’t received a renewal for my plates and it was up last month. Thankfully I have till the end of May to get that resolved…so I guess I have some grovelling to do.

It is my desire to help out my grandma, but I don’t think it will be acceptable, given my lack of a house and lack of whatever with my family. My G-Mom would actually fit well in my home and I could teach her how to send email and find crossword puzzles on line. But it’s not going to happen.

Well, thanks for letting me complain. It was all my fault I am in the situation I am in and I am glad to see that people didn’t point that out in a mean way…sometimes you SDMBers throw me for a curve!

Well, enough of my whoas, let’s go on to another that needs some reinforcement, both happy and both realistic…this is why I love to come here, those of you that give realistic views on the situation, no holds barred but with a life view that many may not see in their circumstances.


Other people’s finances are none of my business, but I seem to remember the most oddball details from people’s posts. I thought it was in a thread about the estate tax that you mentioned that your father had given you some monetary gifts, over the years adding up to something fairly substantial. Even if they are socked away into retirement accounts or other accounts that aren’t liquid, I think peace of mind can be worth paying a withdrawal penalty.

Sell off a little of the stocks or whatever. Pay the penalty and consider it the price of sleeping better at night. Pay off the IRS; get your car fixed.

Virginia is a beautiful place. As painful as it is to leave a home one has lived in for years, at least your grandmother is going somewhere lovely.

If you *are * moving to Kansas, I gotta point out that Whoa is what ya say to get Pet & Rosie to halt the wagon. Woe is what the cowboy feels when he’s lost his dogie. (I hope we’re talking Western Kansas–or Dodge City–because otherwise none of that is funny)