Genetic left-overs

I realize that there are probably a hundred stupid people posts, but I cannot help it.

What is it that makes the dick brained fucks even want to carry on with thier lifes? Are they so stupid they dont even realize that their brain is the consistancy of slightly scummed over pudding? Or do they stick around simply to harrass those they know are thier betters?

Im not talking about the High school Grad who found another way of living rather than going to college. Nor am I talking about those who simply have an average IQ (110-120?). What im refering too is the shitless morons who have an IQ of the average year round temperature of Alaska.

You know the type. They have three brain cells, all of which are being used up by breathing, football and sex. They are the type you know that drive the huge trucks that are lifted 10 inches, and when they get behind you at night they cackle with glee that you are blind. Then to prove a point, when you stop at a stoplight, the nutless genius revs up his engine and mabey spins his tires. Go ahead null-skull, ram into the back of me, I certainly wouldnt mind getting a new car. Mabey youll hit your head on the windshield and loose the brain cell that allows you to breathe.

They are the pathetic looser who rings the doorbell at a house and hides behind the bushes. At 35 yrs old. Constantly stuck at an age of 12 these genetic mutants rampage across our lives and are too dense to realize that we dont want them. But they stay, their hands in thier pants and an empty smile on their face.

The father of these fucking rejected half developed retards should have blown his load on a wall somewhere rather than…well you get my point.

Im not good at ranting, and I normally dont, But I had to relieve my buildup of anger.

A person with an IQ of 100 would be considered average.

Most of them even learn the appropriate usage of apostrophes ,spelling and punctuation.

IMO rants about fucking retards etc are pretty lame. Being intelligent does not make you anyone’s superior.

Besides the proof’s in the pudding and your rant comes across as subliterate.

Was the word I was looking for when I was about to reply.
This is a rant about “retards”? Lovely :rolleyes:

You aren’t…ranting…against ME are you? ::looks around surreptiously and pulls up the lapels on trenchoat, covers eyes with shades:: Didn’t think so.

Seriously- did some 35 year old ring your doorbell, and rather than asking you if you wanted to buy girl scout cookies run and hide? Or have you been blinded by any mischevious trucks lately? Or are ya just still in high school like me? ::drum-beat sound:: Hmm.

Whoa, dont think im making fun of retards. They cant help the fact of what they are. Im talking about the idiots that can.

Like yourself perhaps?

So, WhiteRaven, under which category do you think your posts place you, the former or the latter?

Maybe if you told us about a particular event, we may be able to understand your position more. As it is now, the OP lacks focus, and sounds a little more like raving than ranting.