Genetically "bendy" fingernails?

When my nails reach a certain length certain of them get weird bends and dips in them. The same ones, all the time, in the same places. The middle ones on both hands start to curl over, my right ring finger bends over on one side. I believe my great grandmother had the same thing. In her case, I chalked it up to old age, but now I’m wondering if hers didn’t look exactly like mine when they needed to be cut.

Is it true that this is genetic, or is there something missing from my diet? Consequently, my nails are also really papery, grow slowly, and tear fairly easily (though with manicures and a spoiled lifestyle I can keep them pretty nice). I’d love to fix this if there’s any way to do so but short of acrilyc nails, I think I might be stuck. Does anyone know? Anyone have the same “disfigurement”?