Curved Index Toes - Normal?

My index toenails (that is, the toenails on my “index toes”, the ones next to my big toes) are curved. They curve forward as they grow, staying fairly close to the skin, rather than growing straight out.

Is this an abnormality? Is it medically documented? Is it common?


I don’t know if it’s common or abnormal, but mine seem to do it, too. So you’re not alone.

My guess is that it’s caused by the pressure of footwear. The nail on your big toe is thicker, and the other toes are recessed, so they’re not affected as much.

All of my nails, fingers and toes both, curve forward as they grow; so do other folks’ nails in photos I’ve seen. I’ve never heard of completely straight nails.

My index-toenails do something similar if I let them get a bit too long.

I believe this is directly linked to higher-than-average IQ :smiley: