Crooked "ring" toes, name that condition?

I’ve been searching for a while, and while I’ve no results yet, I figured someone on the SDMB would have the knowledge I seek.

My mother’s family (myself included, along with related cousins, nieces, aunts, uncles, brother, sister, and grandmother) all have a wierd foot condition that causes the “ring” toes (next to the smallest) to be curved so inwards as to appear to lie on their sides. All other toes are normal. It appears to be some sort of genetic issue, as it’s passed to all the folks that are directly related to my Maternal Grandmother.

To most easily explain what this looks like, put your hand on a flat surface, and rotate one of your ring fingers so that the nail’s surface is perpendicular to the flat surface. That’d give you a decent view of what it looks like (without taking of your shoes and looking funny at work).

Hopefully answers to follow!



I assume that’s a joke, but ???

if not explain.

If so, and there’s no more… <bump>


I’ve heard the term “hammer toes.” Could that be it?


Everyone in my family has that. It’s not hammer toes, which (I think) is generallya painful condition (?), nor is it a deformity brought on by wearing improperly fitted footwear.

We’ve also got the extra-long 2nd toe that’s longer than the big toe.

butler, I also have funky shaped ring toes, but all of my other toes (excepting the big one) also curl under. No one else in my family has it, and I was born with them this way. I too am curious as to what it would be called (or would hammertoes be applicaple in my situation?)

In my family we call it the jones toe, because Grandma Casper (nee Jones) and all of her sisters had it. I can remember being a toddler and playing barefoot in the livingroom when Grandma pointed it out to her sisters. All three circled around, inspected my toes, and declared me to be a true member of the family. I’ve also got the longer 2nd toe.

Well, it sounds like others have it…

We call it the “McGrath” toe, as it comes from that side of the family.

Still looking for a name, I wish there was some podiatrists in the room.

It’s not hammer toes, as those leave the foot straight, but curl under, the “ring” toes, just start out crooked.

Well, at least I’m glad that I’m not the only freak out there.

Don’t have the long 2nd toe though.


I think this is what would be referred to as “curly toe deformity” or a form of Clinodactyly of toes. I’m not doing so great due to lack of good pictures.

This has some very useful info on “underlapping” toes:

-Snowcarpet (medical librarian)

Interesting. My toes are like that, and I had generally assumed it was due to the fact that I have wide barney-rubble-style feet and growing up, had such a jones for fashionable shoes that I rarely gave my toes the room they needed. I thought my shoes made them grow that way.

Until my son was born, and I saw he had the same toes.


This is EXACTLY right. Though this link (see #5) doesn’t indicate any genetic component. From the looks of the posters above, it seems as though my family is not alone however, in having a genetic component of this deformity.

I knew I’d get a good answer soon enough on this forum!