long 2nd toe = royalty?

My wife’s 2nd toe is longer than her big toe, and I told her “it’s a sign of royalty” to which she asked “I’ve heard that too, why is that?”. Of course the only reason I say this is because my mother used to say it to me, but I can’t find anything on the internet or here on it. What’s the reason for this saying?

My second toe is longer, and I’m the King of Belgium. So there you go.

Now go make me a waffle.

No explanation for the royalty connection, but they’re also called roman toes. They work great for picking up small objects from the floor without bending over.

Sweet I have Roman toes too :wink:

I am very skilled at picking things up with my feet and can actually throw stuff with my feet a fairly long distance…yeah I need to get some better hobbies.

I heard it means that you have to be the boss in your marriage. That’s what my wife told me.

I have this too, as do several members of my family. I’ve personally heard it called “Murphy’s Toe” (anything you can stub it on, you will stub it on.) Eh. All it really means is square-toed shoes fit funny.

My brother has this. I used to tell him it was because he was part monkey. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually this is what my wife said too.

I did find one site on the internet that mentions royalty, but no explanation:


The proper term for this condition is Morton’s foot. No idea about its linkage with royalty or dominance, other than that it’s probably some old canard on the same level as relating the size of a man’s foot or nose to his penis.

Me too! I usually put them in the freezer unless I’m going to prepare them within a few days of harvest. Man oh man, I can’t wait until I get back to Rome!!



I rememeber seeing an “article” in a stupid gossip magazine (yes I buy them and read them…shoot me :eek: ), it claimed the long toe thing showed an outgoing, driven personality, “destined for success”. Damn me and my short toe.

It even had pics of toes to prove it :smiley: J-Lo, Madonna, Posh (to name just the ones I can remember to name) own these toes.

If the womans mags say it’s true what more proof to you need? :wink:


i have it too.

though, i call it simply “the toe”

a girl i met years ago said her family referred to hers as the “foot long hot dog toe”

never heard the linkage to royalty/dominance, only that it’s linked to intellectualism, but im sure someone somewhere can produce evidence of a long toe bearing moron, so i’ll dismiss the linkage to smarts :slight_smile:

wiggle wiggle

it does come in handy for pinching though :wink: **

Here’s an example of such a toe from a textbook of bizarre medical curiosities.
Apparently this freakishly deformed individual has developed the grip strength of this near finger like toe to an extraordinary degree.

Well I’d always been told it was a sign of Celtic blood … but it seems that everyone has their own theory

I remember hearing that a longer second toe means that you’re mother will outlive your father. Longer big toe, vice versa.

Well I must a great deal of royal blood in me since my second toe is freakishly long and have often heard comments about it.

Morton’s foot? It’s a condition?! Man, and all this time I thought I simply had ugly feet.

I might have you all beat. My second toe is well longer than my big toe on both feet. But on my left foot the THIRD toe is just as long as the second one!

Well you could just start a gossip mag worthy career!

Cool, so does that mean I’d have a big penis?

Jewish, not Celtic, not royalty, not dominant in my marriage. Clearly someone forgot to send me the long-second-toe conspiracy letter.

Wow. That’s me to a T. My second toe is longer than the first…a lot longer. The really weird thing is, if I spread all my toes out as far as I can, my foot looks like a little monkey hand. A lot like a little monkey hand. The really, really weird thing is that my big toe is almost opposable.