Has anyone, besides me, wondered why, on most people, the big toe is relatively straight as compared to the rest of the toes which are rather curved downward?:confused:

Is this true for people who don’t wear shoes?

The rest of them are just bowing down to the Big Toe.

Why don’t fingers have the same sort of homage system?..I mean the thumb’s different but it just smaller and at an angle…

You hand is the same way. Look at it. No… really LOOK at it. Thumb straight out with fingers slightly downward curved. Your hand is also a foot.

so wearing shoes on your hands really DOES make sense…hmm

Part of the illusion is that our continual usage of our hands gives us more control-we can straighten out our fingers, even though the naturally curve inward. It takes a lot of practice to straighten out the toes. But in fact, it can be done-and even (the structure of the foot, with no opposable thumb, permits this) to pull them farther back towards the top of the foot, something you can’t do with your fingers. (With your foot on the ground, this has your toes pointing pretty much straight up.) I learned to do this to a small extent when I started studying Tae Kwon Do some years ago-pulling your toes back like this helps keep them from getting broken when a strong front kick connects. I only got to where I could pull them back a little, but the instructor could get them to what looked like a bit over 90 degrees. Looked pretty freaky, let me tell you. :smiley: