Genius chimp shot by police

Supposedly, Travis the Chimp

But there is a fine line between genius and madness, and Travis crossed the line today, mauling a vistor and attacking several police officers before being shot to death, according to this AP story.

An officer shut himslef into his car to escape Travis, but Travis even knew how to open car doors.

Apparently no one ever taught Travis about how dangerous a police officer with a gun in his hand can be. Poor Travis, you should have known not to poke at poor wild police officers in their cages.

Something really pissed him off today. He simply went apeshit in the house. Then they had the audacity to stab him with a knife to piss him off even further. Sorry to hear about the friend that came over to help get him back in the house.

Stories like this make me sad. People need to remember that no matter how “human” you have raised your chimp to be, they are extremely dangerous and unpredictable wild animals. It sounds to me like the chimp was acting territorially. No chimp should be kept as a pet.

Sue me, it’s a tragedy, but his paragraph sounds like something a drunk reporter added in as a joke.

It sounds like he more or less chewed her face off.

I blame the wine. Seriously, who let’s their superchimp raid the wine cellar? (He’d just take all the good stuff)

I gave the chimp wine and it mauled me.
Uh… Who deserved to get shot in this situation? The exotic animal that should’ve been left alone in the wild or the person that kept it in a house and gave it alcohol?
I know it probably wasn’t drunk when it did the mauling (could’ve been, I don’t know either way)… but still… the sensibility of these people is nonexistent.

Give a 15 year old wine, what do you expect. He was just a surly teenager. A savage, incredibly strong, 200lbs, wild ape with fangs, teenager. What could go wrong?

He loggeed onto the computer and brushed his teeth? Damn, this chimp was smarter than some people!

This is a sad story, but the header is priceless.

I blame the owners of animals who treat their pets like humans and project so much of their own feelings onto the animal that the owners lose sight of the fact that an animal is distinctly NOT human and can turn on them without warning.

To be fair, though, so are humans, so the ‘human training’ is neither here nor there on that…

If you make that face one more time, I’ll rip it off.

The intelligence of something neither means it’s safe or dangerous to be around.

A toilet trained chimp that had to wear diapers? Owner braggadocio?

Maybe it put on its own diaper – that’s arguably a form of toilet training. :stuck_out_tongue:

Cecil speaks.

Sounds like that’s what happened.

Coincidentally, blammo was the last thing Travis ever heard.

With the owner giving him drugs meant for humans, who knows what Travis had in his system. The article here says he had Lyme disease as well.

That fact is seriously emphasized that Chimps, when pissed off, will try to bite off or rip off genitalia. That is * not* something that goes into the maybe column when considering pets.

Unfortunately the NY Post website doesn’t have the same “Furious George” headline that they put in the printed version.:frowning: