Geocities pop-ups

I found this code on a javascript web-site explaining how to get rid of Angelfire popup menus. Can this code work in geocities if we find out the right info?
<!-- This script has been in the Javascript Public Library! -->
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<body bgcolor="#ffffff" text="#000000" id=all>
Place the lines in script tags below the body tag.
if ( == ‘Ad’) popup.close();}}

It would probably work, but wouldn’t it be easier to just opt out of the Geocities popup? I just opened an account with them. (I was helping a friend fix a problem with her guestbook and signing up seemed the fastest way to the troubleshooting FAQ.) You can choose to have a banner ad instead of the popup. The popup is the default. I haven’t seen the banner, but it can’t possibly be as annoying as the popup.

I hope it is appropriate to post this here… I used to have a guestbook on geocities a while ago and found it very easy to comment out their code that added the annoying scrolling advertising boxes to the top right corner. Try a little <plaintext> after your final </html>.

You guys should ditch your Internet Exploder and switch to a browser that is just a browser, not an advertising and virus delivery system.
I’m using OmniWeb and it has two unique features, an advertising filter and an option to only allow popup windows that are links you click on. ALL browsers should have these features. I understand that these features were in Mozilla, but removed at the demands of advertisers.

I did a search for that Omniweb, but all I could find was the MAC wersion… Have you a link for the Windows one?