George Lucas: Crazy?

In today’s IMDB, there was a story about George Lucas’ not listening to fans or marketing:

But if this was true, why were there Ewoks in Return of the Jedi?

Sounds like listening to marketing to me.

Yes, I know it’s not definitive information, but it does have some credability.

The more common explanation of the change from Wookiee to Ewok is this: Lucas had developed the character of Chewbacca far enough for people to see that Wookiees were not primitives. Since the final battle with the Empire was supposed to be a triumph of human(oid) over technology, he needed new primitives. Thus, the Ewoks were born. It’s possible that making them furry munchkins was a marketing decision, but it wasn’t the driving reason for their creation.

He also stated that he created the primitive tribe of teddy bears because he though his daughter would love it. Along with the “Wookiees are too advanced” line.

You can also argue that the cuteness of the Ewoks was a counterbalance to the dark tone of Luke vs. Vader. George wants his movies to be enjoyed by all ages, after all.

I just wonder why well-trained Imperials would be so easily intimidated by a bunch of primitives, myself…

It has been widely rumored that Jar Jar played a more important role in his Star Wars first trilogy but that the overwhelming public response in the negative actually made him change it.

Even if he did not, it would be utterly stupid not to listen to the public in reaction to your film. I mean cmon, he cannot say he did not hear the utter outrage when Nstink was going to be in the background.

There was hope that maybe the backlash brought him down to earth a bit but apparently it has not