George W. Bush: the next Gerald Ford?

Check it out.

I thought those things were supposed to be impossible to fall off of?

Sure, for any sober person.

Well, dammit.

Serves me right. The evil voices in my head were telling me “a quick glance at MPSIMS is all you need to do; no need to search, or even carefully read the thread titles on the first page. Go ahead and post that funny Bush link.”

Damned stupid evil voices. They always lead me astray. :slight_smile:

They’ll get you every time, DCU. The Damned Clever Evil Voices are the worst, though. They make me post in Great Debates.

I thought that this thread was going to be about how neither of them was elected to the office.

Hee, Biffy, and hah.

And BWHAAAAAWHAAAA!!! :smiley:

Oh drat…now I need a new keyboard. Pepsi is STICKY!


I liked the quote that was flying around years ago… I forget who said it first: “He’s the President Quayle we never had.”