Gerald's Game on Netflix

I didn’t know this was a thing but Netflix made an adaptation of the Stephen King novel and it wasn’t bad. The premise, if you’ve never heard of it, is a woman is handcuffed to a bed as part of kinky sex play and her husband has a heart attack and dies.

It is a difficult story to film since there are so few characters and locations but they did a pretty good job of it. I would suggest checking it out.

I watched about half and only stopped because it was time for bed. I’m looking forward to finishing it tonight.

The whole book, IIRC, is what’s going on in her head as she lays there chained to the bed. I think they did a great job with fleshing that out. I don’t even remember how the story ends though I assume she survives

I re-read that book about 7 or 8 years ago and I think the movie pretty much nailed it. That story has such wildly different meaning for me now as opposed to when it first came out.

She does. By “de-gloving” her hand. I am not looking forward to that scene ugh

That was the first Stephen King book I read where I actually jumped in fear/shock/horror reading it. Like when a bad guy jumps out in a movie. But reading. That had never happened to me before and never since. It is an amazing book. I’m definitely going to check it out!

Kings claustrophobic works are brilliant but they are really hard for me to read. Real horror is much scarier than paranormal horror.

I read this when it first came, and thought it would never be film-able. It’s been awhile, but if I recall correctly, she’s playing sex games using handcuffs with her partner (husband?) and kicks him in the chest, causing a sudden cardiac arrhythmia that causes him to die. I recall that she (they) were totally naked.

To me, that was the horror - naked, unable to move, and even if someone were to discover her almost immediately, the shame of being so exposed.

I couldn’t imagine what actress would consent to being in a movie where she’s naked throughout (at the time, I was thinking of what Madonna would do in the role). So, is she naked or not? The trailer shows her wearing a bra, which would be a cop-out. If she is naked, is it jarring or just something you see past after a few minute?

I saw it. Nope, negligee the entire time. I don’t blame them.

Her getting out of the handcuffs, though? Brutal. The skin on her hand more or less peels off. It’s pretty graphic.

Saw it. Liked it but found the ending kind of dumb. They could’ve done without that part.

It’s always been one of my favorite of King’s books, and the movie wasn’t bad. It lost a little bit of the creepiness, but not much. Definitely worth watching.

I crush hard on Carla Gugino, but man, don’t know if I need that.

I was pleasantly surprised, since I love the book but never figured they’d manage to film it. It’s very streamlined, which makes sense, but they made it work.

I did find Joubert a bit corny though. He was always the scariest part of the book for me and they really trimmed that down.

In the book, didn’t the woman try a lot more things? Pushing the mattress and box springs away, trying to dismantle the bedframe? I was disappointed at how passive this woman was for the first day or two, it really diminished her.

I realize this is an old thread, but I just saw the movie, and seems silly to start a new one. I read the book in highschool - probably around '96. Good book, completely horrifying and nightmare inducing in parts. When I found out Netflix had adapted it to a movie, I thought it’d be a disaster. Is it just gonna be a lady trapped in bed while we hear a voice over of her thoughts for 2 hours? But, I heard good things, so I gave it a try. It’s a tough way to make a movie - but I was impressed. Good angel telling her what she needs to do to survive, and bad angel telling her why she’s going to die where she lays. That couple with some flash backs in her dreams? Told the story pretty welll. 2 things I didn’t like though:

  1. In the book, I’m almost certain she killed Gerald by kicking him in the chest. The movie kinda copped out on that and had him die of natural causes sorta.

  2. I don’t think the book ever explained what the moonlight man was. It served as a motivation for her to take the rather extreme steps to escape, but the reader was left to decide if it was purely a hallucination or an actual evil spirt, or death itself. The movie explained it as being a human being hanging out in the cabin with her. I really thought that took away from the plot. IME, Stephen King rarely wraps a story up so neatly. He usually leaves it to the reader to decide what happens after the book ends.