German couple unaware of how to have children.

I thought Margaret White was fiction. :wink:

Um. Interesting. You’d think that even in light of strict religious upbringing, at least HE would have an instinctive need to do what needs to be done…? Wouldn’t “night wood” and the inevitable reaction to stimulus at least give him a clue?

you all need to get out and explore a bit more around here. i couldn’t get the link to work, but i strongly suspect this is the same story that’s already been debunked as an UL here in IMHO.

Something about that report doesn’t sit right with me.

They did all sorts of fertility tests before they went over basic stuff like “how often do you have sex?” You’d think that would be a part of their initial interview – part of determining their relevent history.

Er, sorry TroubleAgain. Didn’t mean to quote you. Must’ve done so out of habit.

Still, talk about a nice surprise…

“We get to start doing what?”

Also, I don’t see how they could do a fertility test on him without him providing… stuff. And I only know one way to get it out.

Yep, same story. Damn impotent search function couldn’t find the earlier thread. Any passing Mod is welcome to close this one.

BTW: I didn’t see anything really debunked there, not even the subsequent story about the misuse of a spermacide. All we have at this point are two stories of questionable veracity. I have a feeling that the Mikkelsons are right now speaking with the University Clinic of Lubek, assuming there really is such a place.

The city would probably be **Lübeck[b/], which does exist.

Looks like I was right about Snopes trying to get to the bottom of this.

Also, turns out there really is a Lübeck University Hospital but no fertility clinic there.

Actually, there are at least 2 other threads on this subject. Only one of them is still going though.

Proof yet again that Ananova shouldn’t get their news from the Popbitch mailout.