Germans on 4CHAN

Bullying, offensive comments and other forms of abuse become less widespread when people are no longer able to hide behind a mask.

This or this (the same screenshots)

Should we just say “Oh, it’s just 4CHAN” or… Or… what’s wrong with them?

You should probably know that the Snarkstaffel also occupies this forum.

Uh oh! People on the internet are being deliberately offensive! Alert the media!

They probably aren’t even German. I read it as a joke in poor taste.

Right - because there are absolutely no idiots on the Internet in the good ol’ USA.

If you want to chat with real Germans or Americans who live in Germany, there is a site very similar to SDMB called Toytown Germany. It is a site, all in English, where people of various nationalities who live in Germany and speak English discuss various topics. They too can “hide” behind user names, but I think you will find they are just like the Dopers here.

They are trolling, and honestly I can’t believe you would waste time here making a thread about it. Don’t Feed The Trolls.

On 4chan, I’m not sure that even counts as trolling. It’s just people participating in 4chan humor e.g.:

Well I do acknowledge that almost every post on 4chan is trolling :slight_smile:

This just in! Something offensive was posted on 4chan!

Pay no attention to the Bander-log, for they are only chatteing and throwing filth to make us look at them and react.

4chan is 4chan. To be shocked by ANYTHING you see there indicates that you are 100% newfag. That’s fine, we all were. And it’s 99.9% trololollery anyway. Just report any cheese pizza and ignore the threads that bug you.