First let me appologize for violating the rules (not sure which ones), as this is my first attempt at any message board, or thread.

I looked up my father’s name (Aubery Eberhardt) to re-read his exploits in the Army. Your article was the most accurate and I appreciate that. Aubrey was a great dad and related the story to me many times, as it was a source of pride for him. Not so much that he originated the Geronimo jump yell, as the fact he lived through it along with WWII and the Korean thing. Thanks again for an accurate site.

p.s. Also thnks for Jane’s humor concerning alternate movies resulting in alternate jump yells, very funny.

Aubrey Eberhardt was your father? COoooooool!

Welcome to the Straight Dope Message Boards, and thanks for your post and info, and kind words. We do strive for accuracy. We hope you’ll read more here, and like it, and decide to stick around!

We do tend to like people to provide a link to the column when starting a thread. Helps keep everyone on the same page, saves searching time, etc. In this case, Why do parachutists yell “Geronimo!” when jumping from an airplane?