Get back from Firefox 4 if I don't like it?

I’ve been away from the Dope for a couple of weeks, so this may ave been covered, but search doesn’t find anything. Forgive me if a thread has been started on that.

I don’t really see anything in FF4 that I would prefer over my 3.6.17, but am willing to try it for a while.

Is there any easy way back if I don’t like it or don’t see enough changes to be worthwhile?

If FF can’t do this, would creating a Restore Point with Win let me go back to the older version?

No problem. Simply uninstall FF4 and download FF 3.6 again.

Firefox 3.6

If you want to go back to 3.6.17 just go to this directory on the Mozilla site:

and download the setup .exe (not the exe.asc version) and install as normal.

Thanks, Baron, just what I needed. Now I will take a look at 4.

I just had to do this. I upgraded to Firefox 4 and videos wouldn’t play properly on some sites. I spent a little bit of time trying to resolve it but then decided it was faster to just go back to the earlier version where everything worked.

I exported all of my bookmarks to an HTML file first, uninstalled the new version, then re-installed the earlier version. I then went through and changed all of my settings, imported bookmarks, and re-installed my add-ons.

A bit of a pain, but it worked.

ETA: I only had problems with one computer. I have other computers running firefox 4 without any issues. YMMV.

In my experience, you don’t need to do this: Firefox 3.6 will use profiles created (or modified) by Firefox 4 just fine (and, of course, vice-versa). All you need to do is remove the old executable and start using the new one.

If you are trying out Firefox 4 on Windows XP, be sure to try out the minimalized UI by right clicking in the toolbar and shutting off the menu bar. And be sure to go to JavaScript heavy sites so you can see how much faster it is. Heck, just see how much faster Gmail loads.

Rolling back from 4.0.1 will most likley work, but it’s possible that some upgraded extensions will only work on the newer browser, and you’ll have to manually go back and install the older version. Other than that, the team pretty much designed with falling back in mind, so it should work.

Here’s a handy widget for people in this kind of situation. It backs up all files Firefox uses, including cookies, History, extensions, etc.

:smack: Gah! I have had MozBackup for a long time, and completely forgot all about it.

I tried FF4 and really saw no advantage, and some things that were new I did not care for, so I did go back to 3.6.7. Everything did work OK, but had to redo some sites that required ID and passwords. Each time I let FF “remember” them, but all this could have been avoided had I only remembered to do a MozBackup before hand.

BTW, this handy program backs up Thunderbird also.

Thanks for the reminder.