Get back to the North Circular, and other driver complaints

Yes, I’m in the fast lane. That’s becaue I’m going faster than the traffic in the other lane. And yes, I’m braking. That’s because two lanes are about to merge into one, in which case I don’t really want to be going anything other than the same speed as everyone else. You know those triangular things, with red borders? They’re called signs. They tell you such things. But no, you’re going to overtake on the inside at 100+, almost too busy mouthing insults at me to realise the traffic in front had slowed for the 40mph limit up ahead.

Mind you, the Chelsea dealership on your pristine Discovery (which clearly has seen as much rural life as a battery hen) is the giveaway - you’re now just another reason I want Ken to expand the congestion charge. Plus, you don’t know where the mobile speed cameras get put, so I hope your weekend jaunt has cost you at least six points.

Oh, and that stetson - it looks stupid.

Yes, that’s a police van that’s pulled out in front of you. That does not mean you have to drive 10mph slower than it.

Regarding said police van - it’s doing 50, in a 50 limit. The laws of physics do indeed apply to Audis as much as to any other object, so simply getting into the short section of passing lane and sticking at the same speed isn’t going you past anyone. And because you’re such a fool, I’m not going to be very accomodating about letting you filter back in. You can go behind me, where you came from.

It’s a rural road. But this is East Anglia, there’s big long straight sections which would accomodate the stopping distance of a TGV. You don’t have to drive at 25mph.