Get fuzzy: Fuzzy Logic

I just got the latest “Get fuzzy” collection for father’s day! I found myself actually laughing out loud to nearly half the strips! I haven’t done that in ages! IMHO, this is the best new comic strip to come out in ages, and actually helps to partially fill the void left by the departure of “The Far Side”, “Calvin and Hobbes”, and “Bloom County”.

I love Satchel! His blending of sincere stupidity just typifies the genre of ‘dog’ for me.

Satchel’s expressions seem to mirror my dog’s exactly. Get Fuzzy is my favorite comic strip, next to Zits.

Gotta love it when he dressed up as a vacuum cleaner for Halloween: “It was the scariest thing I could think of”

Yep, a comic strip about a guy with a smart-assed cat, and a not-to-bright dog- that is actually funny.