Get Fuzzy? Get Bent!

It’s my new favorite comic strip, Get Fuzzy by Darby Conley. It’s pretty funny, it’s drawn well enough, the guy has a personal point of view he sticks into his comic, so fans can experience something besides just some yucks. What’s to hate, right?

Well, hie your ass over to and download the Get Fuzzy Comet Cursor. Then you will know what to hate.

I hope and pray that this is the syndicate’s doing and not Darby’s. I’d hate to have to hate my new favorite cartoon already.

Myron from Minnesota

Don’t think it would work for me, since I’m on a Mac. But why not just tell us what’s so bad about it; why make us download it and share in your misery to find out? :slight_smile:

AFAIC, Comet Cursor is a result of a collaboration between Loki, Set, and Kali, organized by Alister Crowley.

Satan was invited to add his touches, but decided it was just too evil.

IOW, Comet Cursor could go away yesterday, and I’d be quite happy.

I don’t care how cool it is, if it were Shakespeare’s website with a new poem every day I still wouldn’t download Comet Curser to see it.

Do NOT download Comet Cursor. It will fuck up your computer. That was a rhetorical evice which assumed everyone was familiar with its evil.


comet cursor… ::shudder::

Okay, I get the idea that people hate this thing, that T.M.W. wasn’t really telling people to download it, and I see I should be happy that it wouldn’t work on my computer anyway. But now my curiousity is up… what exactly IS it?

Ostensibly it’s a program that changes your cursor into your favorite cartoon characters or whatever. In reality it’s spyware that tracks your internet usage and slows down your computer wildly.

Also it’s the cyber-incarnation of pure evil, but you already knew that.


Let us not forget its evil twin - Bonzi Buddy!

Bonzi Buddy is the Demogorgon to Comet Cursor’s Lucifer.

Awright, dammit…is it the Comet Cursor software itself that’s being (deservingly) targeted by the OP, or is it the particular cursor related to this comic strip and/or site?

If it’s the latter, I’d love to know what the cursor iself is.

The former is, as noted elsewhere, a rancid plug of festering faeces; a rectal projectile from Baphomet’s bunghole.

See, Anamorphic? Another good reason to use a Mac! :slight_smile:

So are you just angry that the site uses Comet Cursor? (rightful anger)

Or are you mad about the particular cursor?

Or a combination of the two?

Yeah, the scum who make the spyware don’t think enough of us to subject us to it. I’ll take that! :smiley:

Some idiot kid that came to a party at our house downloaded Comet Cursor onto our computer. I keep uninstalling it, and it keeps reappearing. My sister adamantly denies that she’s re-downloading it. How can I get rid of this thing?

I’m pretty sure Ad Aware gets rid of it. Go here to download it. It will also clean any other bit of spyware off of your computer.