Get medieval on my ass!

I don’t know if this counts as “art” per se, but I’m looking for a good assortment of medieval (or medievalesque) clip-art.

A few years back, I was using WordPerfect 7(?), and it had an entire folder of clip-art that looked like it could have come from a manuscript: people, animals, marginalia, flowers, initials, and so on. I used some of them back then (and thus still have access to just those images) but subsequently switched to using Word exclusively (and don’t have access to WP anywhere).

So, are there any commercially available collections of clip-art that feature a decent selection of medieval (or medieval inspired) images? Please post 'em here!

Here is a decent commercial collection of medieval clipart. To download the images from the site (without the corporate branding as you see in the samples), you need to pay a fee. A one-week subscription can be had for just 7.95 US dollars.

For free images, try a Google Image search.


Don’t ignore the sidebar with the links to other images at the site.

Um… what makes you think the images on GIS are “free”?
Most of them aren’t.

As I see it, you’re bound to find at least some public domain pictures with a Google search.

Thanks for the above links, everyone!

Now to refine this further: anyone know of a CD that might fit my criteria above? I’ve used various ClickArt collections by Broderbund for different projects; anything like that available with a decent selection of medieval images?

I ask because I’d rather have the images offline, if possible.

Dever Publications has a whole series of books with a CD in the back. All of the images are permission-free. Here is one on Medieval Illustrations. I don’t have it but I’ve got the one with Celtic illos, and it was well worth the price.



That’s exactly the kind of thing that I was looking for! It’s on CD and it’s actually medieval illustrations (instead of modern renditions).

Thanks for taking all of my prattling attempts to explain what I was looking for and turning them into a tangible item. If anyone else knows of other sources like the one DesertDog linked to above, please post that here as well.

Woo hoo! The Straight Dope comes through again!