Get off my dick about not getting a vaccine yet (not anti-VAXX)

For Walgreens you probably already know to have you login account fully filled out. You also have to get past the first screen that says no does available. The first time it says doses available will not likely yield a positive result. Just answer the questions to get to the second search screen. This is the good screen. No not leave it.
I found my successes on a phone rather than computer with a mouse. I think I was too slow with the mouse because you need TWO clicks to complete the reservation. You must select the TIME then click schedule. Do not read anything just click time and schedule mindlessly. If you wait to read stuff you already lost. Click click then cancel if you don’t want the appointment.
I think phone is better because Tap Tap in two different locations is easier and faster on the phone in my opinion. Both my successes were on the phone.
My suggestion is to focus for about 5 minutes of intense refresh. Then take a break (not too long or you will be logged out) and do another 5 minutes. At this time of day you are trying to snipe a cancellation. There will be only one and you have to be fast to be the one to get it. Good luck.
Competition is likely ramping up as more people are aware of the qualification changes in MA. Also Walgreens wasn’t even on my radar until Sunday so that info is spreading too.

I was able to get my 2nd shot in February. Luckily the state realized that those of us who have to go into peoples houses while they’re in distress from the disease need to be protected like those who are treating them in a controlled environment. It took a few weeks for them to change their priority list but at least it wasn’t that long and I was able to get it the first day it was available for my group.

I’m fortunate in that, not only did I get it fairly early, but I also didn’t have to make most of the arrangements myself. I was eligible through my work (teaching), and there was one site that was doing most of the schools in the area (I think all in the county, except for the city of Cleveland itself). All I had to do was fill out a Google form that said “Yes, I’m interested”, and then got notified when my appointments were and what to bring.

Neither the time nor the location were all that convenient, and we didn’t get any say in either of those nor in which vaccine to get (this was before J&J, anyway), but getting it through my job helped again: The school closed early those two days, to ensure that we’d all be able to make our appointments.

Oh, nevermind…

I would like to offer my whole-hearted support and approval to, and for, the OP.

It’s also irresponsible. Let’s get a bunch of unvaccinated people together during a global pandemic!!

My inlaws live in Ocala, FL, and they don’t do computers. My husband got them signed up on the county heath dept list last December. Then he managed to get them set up to get shots in Orlando in February - he even drove down there twice (from Maryland) to take them to the site, since they’re elderly and very easily confused driving away from home.

Just this morning (April 6, that is) he finally got notification from their county that they can get an appointment for their shots. Gee, thanks, Marion County.

I’m in group 1C, and even when eligible for the shot I wasn’t notified. After three weeks of frustration and an announcement that the next day, the shots were opening up to everyone over 16, I signed up to get shots at a Walmart that is a 2-hour drive away. Turns out that making everyone eligible for shots, doesn’t mean that shots will be easily available to everyone and the state continued to work through it’s 1C list.

The next day, when everyone became eligible, I got my notice as was able to sign up for a shot a mere 15-minute drive away. So I called and canceled the Walmart appt so someone else could get that shot. Within the following week, I was solicited by every major health network to get the shot. First shot of Pfizer was Saturday. Second shot was scheduled at the same time as the first. Easy peasy. I’m so relieved.

You hang in there Stucco, your turn is coming.

Colorado did a phased roll-out broadly similar to PA. The state health dept. had a two-fold objective: (1) vaccinate as soon as possible the people who were at most risk of being hospitalized and/or dying from Covid if they happened to catch it (elderly people and those with severe comorbidities); and (2) vaccinate as soon as possible the people who were at most risk of catching it, based on their occupation (medical personnel, police, firemen, etc.)

They felt that this approach had the best chance of (A) preventing as many deaths as possible, and (B) preventing the hospitals from getting overwhelmed. It seems to have worked very well. Just about 4 days ago, they opened up eligibility to the general public.

It’s cool how the threat of widespread death has driven innovation, like the development of mRNA technology. It also seems to have driven ordinary people to invent whole new ways to be assholes to one another. My condolences to everyone who’s dealing with vaccine-related assholery, from whichever direction.

I preregistered at the state website, and the day I became eligible they sent me a text saying I’d get another text the next day (today) with my link to schedule an appointment. I actually the text at 10:00 AM, immediately got my appointment, and got my shot before 3:00 PM. It was surprisingly quick and efficient. I also set up my 2nd dose appointment, for exactly 21 days from now.

OP - good on ya for not pushing grandma out of the way.

I just looked but can’t find any info that the federal government has set up a mass vaccination site in Penn. There is one in Yakima Washington, and the only qualification is 16 or older and a WA State resident. The fed site is outside of the WA State vaccination priorities, and they have hundreds of open slots per day. You get poked by US Army medical staff. Their only goal is to poke as many people as possible no questions asked. Hopefully, something like that is set up in PA.

On Facebook I saw a post that suggested looking for vaccine sites in the closest county that Trump won. There will be lower rates of vaccination there, and more opportunities to get a shot. And this seems to be accurate, and not merely a political jab.

Looks like 4/19 it’s open for everyone?

Update: apparently my wife has scheduled me for a JJ shot 4/16. Wish me luck.

Some folks just aren’t happy unless everybody is doing exactly what they do, when they do it, as they do it, and they aren’t fully happy until they’ve judged someone for it.

I might show up and ask for a vaccine when I’m not qualified. It just makes sense. They’re throwing out doses every day, and you don’t know in advance if your site will have surplus or not, so the socially responsible thing is to help them run out ASAP.

IMO everybody needs the vaccine because everybody can spread it. It’s stupid to say “we must reserve vaccines for the elderly” when that might result in wasted doses. The entire herd benefits when anyone gets the vaccine, no matter who, and a lot of the herd isnt’ showing up for shots.

Here’s a thought. Print several copies of this message that you posted and when someone asks, hand them a copy. heh,heh.

No pun intended? :smiley:

Same boat as the OP. I am waiting for it. I am looking forward to it. I have tried to see if I can get one early but nope.

I will say a co-worker of mine who is 25 years younger than me has managed to get one. Not sure how that worked but whatever.

I’ll get one as soon as I am able.

I know you got an appointment, but as a general rule of thumb, if you can’t find an appointment then just search for appointments in a nearby rural county. Those tend to have shorter wait lists from what I’ve seen.