Get On My Horse

WARNING: Links to a flash animation with music and risque suggestions of things to do to a horse.

That horse has mad keyboard skillz.

When posting links, please let people know if they’re going to be making noises, playing music, or showing animated horse genitals.

Thank you!

(I put the link in the OP into a spoiler tag)

Oh, come on now. I have to announce animated hose genitals? What’s next? Announcing words? Oh noes! Look out! Words coming!

Yes, I’m being a brat.

The acronym “LOL” is horribly misused. But the phrase “animated hose genitals” made me laugh out loud. Really.

That’s right. Recognize.

Weebl’s still pumping stuff out? Man, it’s been an age since I looked at his site.

wanders off muttering “Badger badger badger badger…”

Yep. Therehavebeena few things.

I’ve been playing that whenever my girlfriend walks into the room for the past few weeks. She’s started humming it in her sleep without realizing it.

Psychology experiments at home are fun!

An extended version of the song appears to be available on iTunes.

Herefor those who don’t do the iTunes garbage.

“Garbage”? Must you try to stir up a fanboy war?

I don’t buy mp3s. I don’t own any music whatsoever, so yeah, having it installed on my computer is useless and, indeed, garbage.

That’s fine, but it’s nice to have a music or video thread every now and then without a debate breaking out about which particular music store or music application sucks.

I’m not. They all suck. Stop derailing my glorious thread.

Ah. Okay. Carry on, then.